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Work With Me


So you would like some help on a creative project or planning a trip? I'd be so happy to help!

Topics we can talk about:

  • Self-publishing books 

  • YouTube channel & Video Making

  • Photography/Music/Art

  • Gardening/garden planning/permaculture

  • Project management {organization} & plan creating for projects

  • Intro to e-commerce and print-on-demand businesses

  • Creating a nourishing routine for you & your creative life

  • Questions about starting a small business

  • Travel planning for your budget


       I have a Bachelor's of Business Administration from UW-Whitewater and successfully self published five (and counting!) books. Along my journey I've helped create three small scale permaculture set ups, started a YouTube channel (with 250+ videos), and have tried many different methods for traveling and living. You can see "The Journey" tab to read more about my "experience credentials." I also have a portfolio started for my work so far.