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You Are Whole As You Are

Stop what you’re doing right now. Turn off your TV, phone, music, and just take a moment to sit in silence. What I’ve got to say may change your perspective on everything.

  • You are a divine being of the Universe.

  • Your soul came here, whole, and chose to be here for specific reasons.

  • You are a spiritual, light being having a human experience.

  • You are whole, have always been whole, and will always be whole.

  • Where you are right now, in this moment is exactly where you’re meant to be.

  • You are divinely protected and nothing can change that.

  • You are a piece of the Creator, and you yourself are a creator.

  • You are a co-creator of the Earth, and the Universe.

  • Your life-philosophy-dreams-vision are unique to this world.

  • You are a puzzle piece that is needed to complete the Universal puzzle.

  • Your gifts are needed here at this time, you are important!

  • There is only one “You” in this whole Universe.

  • Allow what is inside of you to open up like a flower to share with everyone.

  • Your excitements in your life direct you to your purpose.

  • You already know your purpose, it’s to become aware of it!

  • You are a being with Free Will, you can choose everything that happens in your life, or happens to you for that matter. Nothing can stop you, hurt you, sway you unless you choose to let it.

  • You are 100% in control of your reality, your personal power is yours!

  • Your physical being? It is perfect as it is naturally. No amount of makeup, hair dye, perfume, fancy clothes, or “fitting in” can make you more perfect because you already ARE! Step off the societal pedestal and embody who it is that makes your heart sing. You are unique and divine, even if it feels “weird, strange, crazy, discombobulated” right now. Chances are, you’ll be that person without the costume. Your body is your divine vessel, for the light inside you to experience what it’s like to be physical. It is holding something so delicate, so worthy of the best, so powerful and that is your soul! You deserve to feel the best, for your entire lifetime here, and absolutely can feel that way if you choose to!

Now, turn on your TV, music, phone or what you were doing before this post. What is it that you’re seeing? What are you hearing? How are you feeling? Mass media shows us that we aren’t whole, that we need “that thing” to become more whole and feel good, when that’s not the case. In between the TV show that may be programming you with subliminal messages that the world is “scary” or that we all have to embody drama, there are these commercials that tell you to go and buy a cheese burger, take some medication with 1,000 side effects because of that cheeseburger, and to go and cover up your divine hair and face with chemical products just so you can cope with yourself for taking that medicine and eating that cheeseburger. Do you see where I am going?

Become aware of what you’re watching, what you’re listening to, and your surroundings. Do they make you feel divine, in your own personal power? If the answer is no, consider changing those things, transform your life into your idea of divinity. Self peace. It is when we change ourselves, heal ourselves that we see the reflection in the world.

Becoming conscious is one thing, take action of what you are conscious of with wholeheartedness and fearlessness. I notice this with people in my physical life. They become conscious of something, or know something isn’t for their highest good and they choose to stay in that! We are all worthy of following what is for our highest good, to create a New Earth because it is 110% possible. You can do this. Fear is excitement in disguise. Fear does not exist in this realm of possibilities. If fear is holding you back from change, or anything in your life, see it as the perspective of excitement instead. Anticipation. Transforming your feelings makes changing and following your dreams easier.

You are whole just as you are. You are always expanding, like a sphere. Spheres are whole, 360 degrees around and a perfect round shape. You are too. Imagine yourself as a beautiful light sphere, color of your choice, glowing, pulsing, expanding with new knowledge, consciousness, awakenings, inspiration, creating a greater and more expanded version of yourself and your external self as well. Create the life you dream of, follow your excitement, and be your highest self. We need you!

You are whole, have always been whole, and will always be whole. <3

Much love,


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