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Why I left Tiktok & Patreon

Hello friends :)

In this post, I just wanted to share the reasons why I left Tiktok and Patreon. I'm not sure if any of you care XD, however, I wanted to express myself even if I'm the only one who reads this.

I'll start with Tiktok...

I started using Tiktok about a year and a half ago when I was still living in Sedona. A friend suggested I try it out as it was a growing platform and lots of creators were having success there. As an entrepreneur, I thought, Sure! Why not try it out?

It all started out fine, however, I fell into the ego trap of wanting to "go viral" and to "get big" on Tiktok because it was easy to. I had a vision to grow my platform so it could support me more financially, and this was a great way to get word out to many people. Tiktok at that time was a very open platform without many boundaries, restrictions, or painful algorithms. Things have changed since then though.

The whole social media landscape changed as the pandemic hit and the world went virtual. I don't know if you noticed this or not, but most companies/platforms changed their terms of service & privacy policies almost overnight. I noticed Tiktok slowly changing over time and incorporating more "barriers to entry" per say, and then I started hearing about how creators were getting "shadowbanned," meaning that Tiktok would mysteriously without any notice or vocalized reason stop the flow to peoples' content to their followers. I feel like I was shadowbanned as I ended up getting 28,000 followers and my videos were only getting 200 views consistently. Something just didn't seem right.

Tiktok's algorithm and community guidelines became really rigid and I just couldn't keep up. In order to "flow with the algorithm," a person needed to post 2-5 videos a day. With the kind of quality content I like to post, wholesome nature videos & information for starseeds, it was getting to be too much for the return I was getting. I totally stopped writing on my blog, writing poetry, and more recently, I haven't been able to put out the quality of YouTube videos I'd like to. As I got deeper into being a Tiktok creator, I fell out of alignment with the ways I like to express the most. Even worse, it seemed that Tiktok would "flag" certain posts because I was self-promoting myself, my products, and services and they don't like that. They want people to stay on Tiktok for entertainment purposes, not go to creators' bios and click external links. My linktree link that I was using for my platform got labeled as "unsafe and spam." Why? I'm not sure, and I heard from other creators that they came across this problem too.

The community guidelines changed over time too as all the social movements rolled in. I believe we are all sovereign beings and WE as INDIVIDUALS are RESPONSIBLE for our own feelings, triggers, reactions, etc. WE as INDIVIDUALS are responsible for our own personal realities & paradigms. As a person, if something doesn't resonate or if it is triggering, it is THEIR responsibility to work through that! We CANNOT expect people/creators to tiptoe around us because certain things trigger us. That is not sovereignty, that is the "blame game" or playing the "victim role." We cannot move into "New Earth" as victims waiting for someone to save us. We must be sovereign to "ascend."

To be totally honest, I can fall into victim role! It is a part of being human, and it is part of our work here now to work through these inner parts of ourselves to find peace within. I do the work, and I don't expect ANYONE to change for me to make me feel more comfortable. That is a disservice to self and humanity, to change for anyone to make them "feel better." No.

This isn't to bash any of the social movements going on, as I feel they are needed at this time to balance out some of the perpetrator/victim paradigms that have been in place. It truly sucks how people have been treated in the past and present, and there's no excusing that. But this post isn't about that. We need to claim our sovereignty, nobody is going to give it to us, and we don't have to fight for it. Just claim it and feel it. Okay, let's move on.

Reading through the guidelines showed the opposite though. It became the CREATORS' responsibility to make their content around these things, to tiptoe around others as to not "offend" anyone. I slowly started seeing free speech & expression roll out as censorship and conformity rolled in. As a starseed, I'm a natural rebel (a silent one most of the time, BEing the change I wish to see) and it is my mission here to assist in breaking down these constricting paradigms to create a more free, flowing, divine feminine one. Tiktok's new community guidelines break what I stand for and I can't be a creator on there anymore.

One last thing on this topic. Tiktok will remove content pertaining to what is really going on behind the veil of the mass hysteria the media has created. I'm a warrior for truth and want to share the truth, always. I cannot share truth on Tiktok if they shadowban and remove it. If you don't know what I'm talking about, see the Great Awakening Map.

Tiktok was taking up SO much of my time, with filming short videos, editing, posting, and responding to comments. I kept trying to keep up though, as I thought I'd get my "big break" and have an influx of people come to my platform and engage with me & my offerings. Even if I batch edited my short films and set up a schedule, I was spending way too much of my time on this app rather than creating the new offerings that wanted to come through, like my Zines, courses, and gouache art. I was becoming SO stressed out trying to keep up.

I have gotten so much hate on Tiktok. I can't tell you how many times I made a video that was innocent and fun, sharing the magical worlds of fairies and earth energies, only to be invaded by trolls, goblins, & more in the comments sections that said the worst things about me. Sure, they're TROLLS but when it is continuously coming in on a regular basis, it starts to take a toll... And since trolls would comment on the videos, the "algorithm" would get tripped and the video would go viral, attracting more trolls. I know that my self worth is determined by me, and perhaps the trolls are just a manifestation of my inner critic, however, I just can't take it anymore. I don't need to keep going through this cycle over and over again.

In addition to the 2-5 videos a day, I was also doing livestreams almost daily. It was "good for the algorithm" to get on a livestream after posting one of your videos. My livestreams never grew in audience, always being about 5 max each time I'd talk on a livestream. People come and go so quickly that retaining an audience is nearly impossible unless you are a viral account. I'd often have mundane tasks to do with my business like bookkeeping or sorting through photos, so it was something I did to keep me some company. I spent countless hours engaging with people on livestreams answering questions about fairies, ETs, etc and only recently I realized I was giving out fragments of my soul to these people on the other side of the screen I didn't even know. Let me explain...

I started doing intense energy work as part of my daily self-care routine and I discovered that I was giving out soul fragments to people. We are energy, our words are energy, our intentions and projections are energy. So, by showing up everyday and answering questions, the same questions, I started to slowly deplete my inner well of magic by giving it to others who didn't value the potency of my being.

What really got me was last week when I did a "cyberspace clearing" meditation (if you're interested in trying it, you can find it here). In the meditation, I was guided through a flaming red door into the realm of the social media that I chose to work with (Tiktok in this case). On the other side, I was SHOCKED to see that the platform, to me, looked like the dark jail cells of Alcatraz, each person or creator inside their "cell" glued to their phones and not seeing that they are in a jail. It hit me so hard to see this, so many people living this way. I was guided to my part of the platform which was reminiscent of Rapunzel's tower, a bit of a ruins with cobwebs and such. I cleaned up my space here and left, deciding that I would be done with Tiktok from now on.

I still believe Tiktok is a great platform for creators to share on, it's just... not for me. Not anymore. I've had it!

Now onto Patreon...

I don't have beef with Patreon, really. I think Patreon is a great way for creators & their audiences to engage and meet. This is more of me finding out that this platform doesn't align with me and my mission anymore.

When I started using Patreon, I was running my YouTube channel & print-on-demand store through Etsy. I couldn't monetize my channel yet, and I just don't like the whole affiliate marketing thing, so I wanted to create a new source of income that allowed my subscribers/followers to "donate" a small amount every month to help support the channel and my work. Perhaps I didn't word it how I was feeling, but something always felt off when it came to using Patreon.

I started it out as a donation type of thing, and then gradually started adding new benefits for people to join and engage with, like the metaphysical book club, Discord community, and many other offerings. Even though I was pretty consistent with sharing that I had a Patreon and always had these new offerings, it didn't really stick. Something always felt off.

I realized that I felt like what I was offering wasn't good enough for the monthly subscription price (which, if I really go deep with this, is just a limiting belief). I don't know if I will ever feel good about having a Patreon, so I just decided to let it go. It isn't in alignment with me in some way, so it is best to honor myself and let it go than to keep forcing it into existence. Perhaps there is a different way for me to create community more in alignment, but that too, can be put on hold and let go of for now.

The reasons for getting off these platforms is very much a personal thing for me. I realize that everyone is just trying their best here, and perhaps Tiktok is doing the best they can with their rules and such. I once heard that if something doesn't resonate, it's best to acknowledge it and to let it go rather to dwell and to pour negative energy into it. Sort of like looking through the ice cream flavors at an ice-cream truck, acknowledging that the blue cheese flavor just isn't your bag, and moving on to what you do like.

I'm aligning more and more to what wants to flow through me with Adventures Across, and I feel much better about allowing that to flow. Sometimes it's sad to let something go that you've been working on for FOREVER, but, it's better to let it go and to let new in than to keep forcing the old.

If you made it this far, THANK YOU for hearing my voice, and for being here on my blog. I hope to write here more from now on, since two of the biggest blocks are now gone from my platform. :)

Much love to you dear friend!

Ashley Lynn