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Why are the Effigy Mounds Important?

Updated: Jun 30

Hanging out at Lizard Mound

I returned to one of my favorite sacred sites today after being away for a couple of years. It’s been a long and drawn out winter being stuck inside without any sunshine and not much motivation to go out and explore. Today I was reminded why sacred sites are so important for times like these, for the energetic journey we’re all on with earth upgrading her energies, and for all of the emotional, physical, spiritual & mental things we’re all experiencing. As far as I can tell there’s no reason for us to be hanging onto traumas anymore or to be living out negative living patterns; if we recognize this, we acknowledge that it’s time to let go. And with letting go we need to feel these things and look at them and rewrite our stories. It could be a lot to go through not only the lifetime we’re in right now but also other lifetimes and seeing how multidimensional we all are as souls in these human bodies. And on top of that it seems like our physical bodies are upgrading as well as the sun is shining brighter than ever on our planet. We are evolving into something never seen or experienced before, and that can be both enlightening and terrifying. There’s also a lot of other energetic and etheric things going on that I don’t quite understand at this point in time, but I can feel them and I know that they’re going on.

So, what does this have to do with the effigy mounds?

After doing much soul exploring over the last several years I found out that I’m a grid worker and perhaps my soul remembers doing this work in other lifetimes on other planets and even this one. If you want to read more about other peoples’ stories that are similar to this you could totally check out Dolores Cannon and her work, she’s a past life regressionist and a lot of her clients regressed back to lifetimes on other planets. There’s no way to know that this is ultimate truth, however if it resonates within your heart space then it could be a part of your personal truth. Always use discernment when looking into these things and decide what’s right for you and what’s not…

Sitting near some mounds in Western Wisconsin

I naturally found myself visiting sacred sites in places with heightened earth energies. What does that mean? If you want to get scientific about it I recommend looking into a little bit more, just search earth energies, or Leylines, but I’ll give you a short rundown from what I know and whatever I have experienced. Scientifically these earth energies are here in certain places because the magnetic lines cross waterways under the ground. When you put these two things together they create spaces with heightened energies, sort of like electricity. You can’t physically see the energy, but most of the time it can be felt in the body. Sometimes the energies can flow upwards into the cosmos, sometimes these energies can flow inwards into the earth. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference, but if you can be quiet and tune in you might be able to feel the energies. An example of a sacred site with many earth energies is Sedona, Arizona, and I had the opportunity to live there for a couple of years to feel this out and to learn it for myself. And let me tell you it is real, from my point of view anyway. I’ve written about it on my blog before!

On a spiritual level these energies are often compared to masculine energy or outflow/upflow/giving energy and feminine energy which is inflow/going inwards/receiving. You can use these energies to help you on your journey, to ground cosmic codes, to help upgrade your DNA, to let go of your past traumas and self-limiting beliefs and old stories that you tell about yourself, spiritual messages & inspiration, manifesting and connecting with your soul’s desires. You can ask for things from Source, your spiritual guides, the angels or even your star family. Sometimes people will even see spacecraft or non-physical earth beings around these sacred sites because for some reason the energies allow for them to peep into this physical reality, and you can even move into other realities and other dimensions in these places if you’re able to tune in; and if you’re able to handle it where you are in the present moment. These energies are neutral and respond to what you ask - so be sure to ask in the name of love and for the highest good of all - or you could attract something that you didn’t intend to. If you choose that route, using sacredness in your intentions, you can expect miracles for sure in the highest and most possible way for you and your body at this time.

A painting I made of Lizard Mound and the floral life growing on the mounds there

These places can also retain memory and knowledge from time. Sometimes people will talk about how they go to Egypt and have past life recall of their lifetimes there. The pyramids are sacred sites, heightening energies are present because there is water under them. The water stores the memory and the knowledge that people put into it. Stones & crystals can also store knowledge and wisdom. This knowledge can be ancient knowledge from thousands of years ago, or it could be something that is just coming in that somebody was able to ground into the water, stones or into the earth. You can access this information when you visit sacred sites, all you have to do is ask and what is meant to be given to you will be given to you.

Now that I gave you a little rundown of how these Earth energies places work I want to share a little bit about the Effigy Mounds in North America. I’m no expert, and I definitely don’t know it all or the absolute truth, but here is what I’ve come across while looking and feeling into this topic.

Mounds at Knowth, Ireland - a sister site to Newgrange

While there are sacred sites all over the globe and many of them are very well-known like the pyramids in Egypt, stone circles in United Kingdom, the pyramids in South America, the various things going on in the pacific islands, the sacred sites in Asia, North America isn’t left out of that and it’s a bit funny and peculiar to me that people forget that there are sacred places literally in their backyards. North America is, or should I say was filled with effigy mounds and other sorts of mounds. Many of them were turned into farm fields unintentionally and many have perished. These were sacred to the people who were living here ~1000 years ago. These are the same group of people in terms of time compared to the people in Ireland who built Knowth and Newgrange which are also sacred sites and I believe it’s connected to the Sirius star system. I’ve also read that the Pleiadians had something to do with the mounds sites too, and that mystery is still unraveling within me. Supposedly the Native Americans of today were not descendants of the people who built the mounds, so there is a lot of mystery behind them, what they were used for and who built them. What makes matters a little more confusing is the fact that there were giant skeletons found in many of these mounds right before the turn of the 20th century. It’s unfortunate that a bunch of these mounds were excavated improperly and that the skeletons were taken and stored in some warehouse somewhere, but without doing that we would never know that there were giants in North America.

Sedona is an example of a "natural sacred site" - This is one of my favorite views at my secret spot looking towards Bell Rock, an upward flow site.

Whatever these mounds were they were sacred to whoever built them. The Native Americans of today still honor and protect the sacred sites, and recognize them for spiritual reasons. I’m not Native American, I am not native to this land but I see that there’s a lot of importance in preserving these places and there’s personal & collective benefits to going and visiting them too. It is obvious to me to treat these places with respect because they are sacred to groups of people, so if you too decide to visit them, be sure to treat them with respect and honor the people who made them.

I consider myself a spiritual person, and one that needs nature to be a big part of my life. I’ve found that I naturally find myself in sacred places; in the beginning I wasn’t even conscious of it though now that I’ve become aware of sacred sites, earth energies, star gates & portals, and gridworking I know that most of the places that I was naturally drawn to are sacred sites and places with heightened earth energies.

A top-view map of Lizard Mound. This site is astrologically aligned with seasonal events.

I do my best to live a soulful life and one for the highest good of not only me but of all the people that I encounter and influence. When I’m feeling depleted and like the world is crashing onto me I find that visiting the sacred sites gives me the energy I need to keep going on my soul path. The one thing that fills me up with energy is visiting the Effigy Mounds. I really don’t have any physical ties to these places though it seems as Spirit guides me to them to not only help myself but to perhaps ground some sort of cosmic codes into this planet for others to access, as etheric and metaphysical as that sounds. I find these places to be so important because they are literally everywhere and anyone can access and care for them.

There’s different energies for the different types of mounds that you go to - for example there’s water spirit mounds that are in the shapes of lizards and water creatures, there’s air spirit mounds which are in the shapes of birds, and then there are earth spirit mounds which are in the shapes of bears and buffalo and other earth creatures. Each one has a different essence and energy based on the type of creatures that are there and based on the elements that are represented by them, at least that is how I understand. Earlier this year I went on an Effigy Mounds tour with some people in my community and I was floored to see that there were 60 or more people that attended and that many people value these Effigy Mounds and see them as spiritual spaces too. I learned some of this info from the tour.

Today I visited one of my favorite effigy mound sites called Lizard Mound; I’ve made a video about this before. I definitely don’t know all there is to know about Effigy Mounds or anything factual other than what I’ve shared here but I just feel it in my body and soul when I go to this place that there’s something magnificent and special about it. I walked amongst the many hundred-foot lizards sprawled in the oak savanna, reminiscing the days when they were covered in geraniums and red clover, sometimes even milkweed, when today they were covered in loose grasses and purple hepatica flowers. The sun barely shone through the overcast sky and I just had this intuition to lay down in the path to soak up all of the light I could. There’s literally been no sun, no warm in Wisconsin for over six months. We’ll get rare days when the sun comes out, so I really take advantage of those days the most. The sun is a great source of energy for me and for being a cosmic soul is hard to exist somewhere where it is gray and dark all the time. I’m sure a lot of people who live in the north can relate to this, and perhaps people aren’t ready for the beauty and the cosmic energy coming through the sun as some of the other people are who live in sunnier places. But that doesn’t mean that we’re not worthy, it’s just a matter of where we are on this journey. I lay on the grass and I could feel my whole body vibrating as I asked my body to become an antenna for the energy that wanted to come through, to be grounded, and for any of the energy from earth that wanted to go back to the cosmos to do so. I asked for courage and willpower to move forward on my path. After I finished I felt completely rejuvenated when before I was been feeling depleted and full of doubt. I always get really excited and happy when I visit Lizard Mound because I just feel such a love and kinship for this place.

Druzy quartz cluster from Sedona

At the end of my walk I decided to go back to the main entryway, the one that I didn’t go on this time and I came to the tree at the trail head. I looked down and there was this soap dish sitting there, someone probably put it there to encourage people to leave offerings at the sacred place. I often see this - it’s not unusual. What was unusual though was seeing that this soap dish was the same exact one that I had growing up that sat on our bathroom counter for probably seven years and never really moved. I found it really enlightening, and also kind of strange because why on earth would there be that exact soap dish sitting there? I never feel obliged to leave an offering at sacred sites. If I simply don’t have anything to give, I don’t worry about it because I feel my gratitude and thanks is enough. This time it seemed like a special time so I ran to the car and opened up a compartment on the dashboard that we usually put rocks in when we’re traveling. I shuffled around the rocks and I discovered a druzy quartz cluster I picked up somewhere in Sedona, so I grabbed it and I ran back to the soap dish and I left it there. It made me wonder, I know that Austin and I travel around and we act like these grid workers. We visit sacred sites even if we don’t know that they are, and usually will pick up rocks because there’s just something about taking rocks from these places that is really fun. Earlier in this post I mentioned something about how water and crystals can retain memory and knowledge, so I found it perfectly fitting to bring a crystal from one of the portals that I would visit often in Sedona and having it traveled all the way from there and everywhere else that we’ve been to, and planting it in this sacred site in Wisconsin. Whatever information, codes, DNA activations, knowledge, wisdom is encoded in that stone is now grounded there and people here can access that energy because two silly humans willingly picked up rocks on hikes and moved them across the planet. It reminds me of those Lemurian quartz crystals that the Lemurians supposedly put information in and scattered all over the globe, for people like you and me to find them today and to access their past lives of times in Lemuria.

So, why are the effigy mounds important? They are important because our planet is awakening spiritually, the people here are also awakening spiritually and these are places people can go to connect with themselves, their souls, and their spirituality. Of course it’s important to visit these places with respect and reverence for the land and the people who built these because they couldn’t just take excavators and lift up dirt to make these mounds, they literally put dirt in earthen buckets and spent weeks, months, and sometimes years putting these sacred sites together. They saw these areas of earth to be sacred and to have special meaning for spirituality and evolution of consciousness, and with gratitude I will visit and evolve myself to become a better person here and a better inspiration for others to follow their soul, to follow their dreams, to follow their spirit, to figure out why they came here so they too can help us all create a better planet to live on.

"A Sacred Place" photo - Lizard Mound in Spring. Can you spot the mound behind the bench?

To find mounds in your area, search “Effigy Mounds [state]” and see what comes up. I know there’s mounds in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Arkansas, Indiana, the East in rural areas etc. though I haven’t been able to visit or even map them all. Perhaps some day I’ll get a map of all the mounds, but for now you’ll have to do your own research 🙃. You can visit most of them at any time, and you can do more research about what each one means.

So tell me, have you visited any Effigy Mounds? What other sacred sites besides the effigy mounds are you aware of? Perhaps in another post I’ll share more about natural sacred sites, like certain mountains and rivers, that also have these spiritual & metaphysical properties. But for now, I will leave you with this post.

Sending love and blessings!

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