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Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Pondering life at Connemara National Park, Ireland

Two years ago I was walking along the rustling Fox River in the midst of fall. Wisconsin usually has two beautiful weeks of fall, crimsons and golds blanketing the skyline before the first hard frost hits and all the leaves cower from the trees. This particular day was slightly cold, though not bitter like most winter days, and most of the leaves had fallen already. I made it a habit to take the dogs out walking every day, usually by the river so they could play. If I was lucky, I’d get them home without any mud on them, but alas, Auggie was long haired and white and usually brought the outdoors home with him. Blue Jays let out their songs one last time before they went for a long winter’s rest and I sang along with them. It was in that moment that Adventures Across came into my mind.

I usually ponder on my walks, allowing ideas and perspectives into my mind. I was undergoing a major perspective shift at the time. No longer wanting to work a normal job, I opened my mind up to possibilities for something I could do on my own. As you know, I had aspirations to write books and I took thousands of photos out on my walks. How could I put everything I love to do into one thing that can bring me income? Though the real purpose for life is to find what you love to do and to do it, there’s gotta be room in the passion department to make money.

On this particular day, while observing the giant maples with gauges in their trunks from hungry beavers, that a voice came into my mind. It wasn’t my own, no. It was the Universe or something. It whispered “Adventures Across…” in the breeze, and since then the name has stuck with me. I had no idea where it was going, but it had to go somewhere. It was the jelly I needed for the peanut butter sandwich.

Fast forward two years and I’m sitting on an airplane on my way to Ireland. Finally, I’m taking an Adventure Across to another country, I thought over the Atlantic Ocean, at around 1 am someone’s time. Adventures Across is much more than traveling though, in fact on this flight I realized there were three aspects, three dimensions to Adventures Across:

Traveling, domestic and international:

If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you’ll know that since 2015, I’ve been traveling all over the place. Sometimes I even move my life to another section of the United States, just to see how it is like to live there for awhile. In 2015, Austin and I lived in Canada for two months, and we visited North Carolina and Colorado too. 2016 had us on a crazy ass road trip with no direction - we drove all over the West, traveling around 40,000 miles before we decided that Oregon was not our home! (Sign up for my email list to read the first few chapters of A Year Against the Rain, my first travel memoir about living off grid in Oregon.) In 2017 we traveled some more in the West, and even found ourselves wandering out East seeing what it was like to live in different states. At the end of 2018, we decided to move to Arizona and lived in our tent on public land until we found somewhere to build a garden in Sedona. And that brings me to 2019, where I found myself going to Wisconsin twice, San Diego once, and Ireland for two weeks. Who knows where else we’ll be going but I do know this, I’ve learned quite a bit these last few years!

This aspect of Adventures Across explores our travels, present and past, personal diary entries and travel advice. When it comes to traveling frugally, I’ve pretty much done it all, including being homeless from time to time (it’s not as bad as it sounds!) While traveling, we usually stop and become farmers. The first time was in Canada, second I was garden manager at my university, third organic farmers in Wisconsin, and currently creating a permaculture landscape in Sedona, Arizona. Austin and I love plants and growing food, and have gained lots of knowledge about growing and foraging. A lot of what I’ll share on Adventures Across has to do with plants, foraging, growing food, and permaculture. It’s what drives us to travel really, living in different climate extremes allows us to learn so much about how to grow food in different climates and what you can forage for in the wild.

If you’re interested in reading some of my old blog posts, or watching some videos on these topics, click on the links below!

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Adventures Across ourselves:

Maybe it’s a bit new age-y, but I LOVE exploring consciousness and the inner aspects of myself. In 2013, I had this massive awakening where everything in my life previous to that moment didn’t matter anymore and what I was pursuing in my life was crumbling before me. Long story short, the guy I thought I was going to marry and spend the rest of my life with dumped me and I was left with a clean slate. My dad introduced me to a movie called “The Secret” and the moment I finished the film my entire life changed forever. Concepts like Manifesting and The Law of Attraction came into my consciousness and started this search as to who I am, what I can do, and how I can heal myself and others. I also began a health journey around this time as I was really sick mentally and physically. Looking back now, this time was one of the most important in my life as it opened me up SO much to life and the endless possibilities each of us has. We as humans are limitless, anything we can dream of is possible with the power of believing in ourselves. This has proved to be true time and time again for me!

The Adventure Across ourselves is like a practice, something where you keep peeling layers off but each layer off is a layer closer to who you really are without all the social conditioning and traumas you’ve encountered in your life. There’s lots of ways to get closer to yourself, and I share a lot of them here on this blog and on my YouTube channel. Some of them are connecting with your inner child, spending time out in nature, journaling, creative outlets, meditating, minimalism, and choosing healthier lifestyle habits. Whatever you feel guided to do, or whatever you desire is something worth pursing.

“Follow what you desire -or- live with your regrets” ~ Ashley Lynn

If you’re interested in reading some previous blog posts, or watching some old videos, find the links below:

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Adventures Across the Universe:

The last part of Adventures Across is one that I haven’t talked about much lately, though I think it’s important to talk about. In 2013 I had that spiritual awakening, well in 2017 I had a different awakening. Some people like to call it a “Starseed Awakening,” though I like to think of it as more of an awakening to our Universe and what exists within it. If you’re open to the idea of reincarnation and past lives, then this might make some sense to you! In 2017, I realized that humans aren’t just humans. We are eternal spiritual beings living a human experience. We are a collective, like little pillars of light that are all part of a bigger light. Or think of human spirits as a network like our nervous system - all connected to the brain. Some call it source, the creator, the universe, god. It doesn’t matter what you call it, I believe it is the same thing. Now, I have an article about Starseeds which you can find below, but I will summarize it up in a few sentences. Starseeds are beings that believe they have lived past/present/future lives (ultimately, there is no such thing as time or space, it is just a perception…), on other planets, other galaxies as extraterrestrial beings and they have incarnated here on Earth as humans at this time to assist in a mass collective awakening of the planet. It can get pretty deep here so if you’re interested in some more information, let me know and I’ll share some of my sources with you.

Opening up to the possibility of extraterrestrials in our Universe opens up so many new doors for humanity. Can you imagine having friends from other planets? I personally think that would be awesome and would be absolutely life changing. My dad and I loved talking about aliens with each other when he was alive; we watched Ancient Aliens together, documentaries, I shared all my interesting dreams with him. We would talk about it for hours and hours, even as a teenager. Now that he’s gone, he probably knows what’s really going on (and laughing with me as to the mysteries I have yet to find out) - and I feel called to open up this channel to talk about it with others again. In 2018, I discovered that extraterrestrials can communicate with you through your dreams and I was visited very often, mostly in the summer. Dreams are a fine way to communicate with the spirit world, and since humanity isn’t quite ready to meet friends from space face to face, they come to us through our consciousness and speak with us if we ask them to. I’ve had many experiences, from being visited by little grey ET’s in my sleep, to finding myself on a flying saucer (the room I was in was quite cozy to be honest!), to meeting a purple being from Aldebaran who helped me through a challenging time. I’ve written a few posts about it, listed below, and I have some videos on YouTube sharing my stories. Find them below!

- The Tomatoes are Upgrading Us!

- What is a Starseed Awakening?

- The Earth Encyclopedia

- ET Playlist on YouTube

Part of the reason I moved to Sedona was because it is a Sacred Site of planet Earth. Earth has an electromagnetic field around it, meridians too that criss cross each other. These meridians are like channels for energy, called Ley Lines. Sedona lies on an intersection of Ley Lines, as well as many other ancient and mysterious points on Earth like the Pyramids of Giza, Mount Shasta, Stone Henge, Lake Titicaca, and the list goes on. There are also pyramids and burial grounds all over our planet, one of which is in Wisconsin called Aztalan where ancient people congregated and built a pyramid mound in the middle of a field. Nearby is a deep lake with three pyramids in the bottom of it. Coincidence? I think not.

I am so fascinated with our planet’s history, whether that it literal, mythical, or theoretical. In my opinion, myths and legends were more than just that, they had truth to them. Just think about mermaids and fairies. If they are ethereal beings and humans forgot how to use their physic abilities, then it is no wonder we can’t see them anymore! These things are around folks, open up your mind to the possibilities!

What else do I do with Adventures Across?:

Updated 12/22/20:

More updates to come, my platform is changing and so are the outlets I express on :)

Besides photography, I write books through Adventures Across Press. So far, I’ve written two. The first one is called A Year Against the Rain, a travel memoir about living on the Oregon Coast in an off grid cabin, and overcoming my childhood traumas and addiction. My other book is called Morning Motivations - Uplifting Poetry to Start Your Day, a book filled with motivational poems and ponderings paired with nature photographs from my travels. You can find both of those on Amazon, the links are below, or if you’d like a signed copy you can find them on my Etsy Store! I am coming out with a third book before the end of the year, an interactive nature journal to help you feel more connected to yourself and to our beautiful planet. More on that later!

- A Year Against the Rain

- Morning Motivations

I am also on Patreon!

- Patreon

If you’d like to follow me on social media, I am on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. I post on Instagram often, sharing updates on videos and blogs, and also I share alternative perspectives and poetry I write while out in nature. Find those links below:

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If you want to stay up to date with Adventures Across, sign up for my email list by scrolling a bit more below. I promise I won't fill up your inbox with marketing bullshit, rather I'll just keep you up to date with new blog posts/videos/books/photography/travels/projects I have going on and wish to share with you!

Well, that was a super in depth explanation of what Adventures Across is and what I plan on creating from here on out. If you guys have any questions about anything, or want to leave a comment, please do so below! Thanks so much for reading this and I will talk to you soon!

Much Love,


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