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What is a Starseed Awakening?

Over the past few years, this label of a Starseed came into my consciousness. Both times were a breeze of fresh air into my life, finally something that resonated with me to a deep, core level! In this blog post, I share with you my perception of Starseeds, by what I’ve read, observed in other Starseeds, and how I intuitively feel about this label.

A Starseed is a soul that remembers their intergalactic truth, who’s soul originated or lived lifetimes in the star systems and other planets; and who came here on Earth at this time to help humanity ascend into the 4th density. To help co-create New Earth, a concept of Earth where world peace exists and unconditional love radiates to all from all.

They realize that by healing themselves, they are healing humanity. They realize that they need to be the change they wish to see in the world to create a New Earth. They realize the mirror effect, that how we perceive others is how we perceive ourselves - and how others perceive you and react to you is how they feel about themselves. They realize the conditioning that goes on in the world and choose to live against this programming and create a new paradigm They realize that all is love, and light is love.

Starseeds know that we are spiritual beings living in a human existence. There is no such thing as death as an end. We can die many times and be reborn again without actually leaving our bodies. And when we do leave our bodies, it’s just transmuting into a different density. Starseeds are usually in tune with the human’s supernatural abilities, and are “turned on” to where their senses are very sharp and receptive to the unseen world. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, all-knowing, clairiesence, etc. are just some of the spiritual senses that are turned on for them. Starseeds aren’t “special humans,” they just choose to be awake and turned on. You can too!

They have an innate connection with the stars, and feel a sense of home while looking to them. Certain constellations may attract them and give them a loving and homey feeling in their heart. They are spiritually in tune with the universe around them, and may consider themselves empaths, the natural ability to feel what others are feeling and may sometimes bring this on to themselves as theirs. (Though not recommended!)

They feel that they have star families, or extraterrestrial guides that may have been connected to them in other lifetimes. These guides help them find their Starseed mission on Earth and play it out. Their guides also help them find their inner wounds from past/present/future/parallel lives and release them into the light, to fully embrace being a light body within a physical body.

Each starseed has their own unique truth and mission here on Earth. It is important to see the label for what it is, and to allow their purpose to blossom into a flower-to fully embrace and play out this purpose. Knowing the purpose and pursuing it to help create a New Earth is essential. Getting caught up in the label and “wanting to go home” to the stars because there is “so much pain on Earth” is not an option-it’s okay to feel that way sometimes, but you’re here for a special reason friends!!!

My Starseed Awakening

I came across the concept of a Starseed when I was 22. It was my last year of college, and I was super aware of the matrix and knew what I DIDN’T want to do. There was a better way than being locked up in an office all my life and giving away my personal power. I’ve always wanted to take on my own life, in my own power.

Growing up I stared at the stars for hours each night. I knew the stars and the constellations at a very early age, and always felt like home was up there. Orion especially caught my eye, and the “tiny big dipper” that was right above it (I didn’t know that was the Pleiades until recently lol!) After finding out about being a starseed and the energetic laws of the universe, my entire world crumbled and I had to create a new one for myself. Becoming conscious of the old ways and limiting beliefs I set upon myself led me at a sort of conflict with myself and the world I was set in.

Slowly, I started replacing old behaviors and external reflections with new ones. Found like minded people. Changed my environment. Started connecting to myself in new ways. Discovered puzzle pieces of my mission here on Earth. It was through my passions, and the things I loved doing as a kid, that led me to where I am today, that led me to living an alternative lifestyle and showing others how they can too. I started asking for contact, from my friends from the stars, and they slowly started showing up in my life, in the best ways that they could. Dreams. Meditation. Channeling. And my favorite-showing me that the extraterrestrials we search for are already here-within us and within the plants and animals that surround us. My fam comes to me mainly in insects and plants, they’ll randomly show up when I need them or when I'm balls deep in a project, letting me know that I'm on my highest path and that I’m fulfilling my mission.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for all along. Our guides can do just that, guide us along the way, but it’s up to us to create a New Earth that integrates polarity, or opposites that have been creating conflict. If opposites attract, wouldn’t it be cool to see them get along? Think of a triangle The left side is yellow, the right side is blue. When you combine them at the top, they create green, a beautiful and diverse color. Or think of this-masculine on the left (logic, self empowerment, science) and feminine on the right (emotions, fluidity, creativity, spirituality) and combine them at the top. What you get is a unified whole of the two, you need the two to become an empowered creator. What if everyone realized this?

I can never go back to the way I used to live my life. Trapped in the matrix. I am a sovereign being here to help co-create a new Earth, one that is filled with abundance, love, joy and healing for all-We all deserve this. You deserve this.

Does the label of Starseed resonate with you? How are you stepping into your own personal power? Let me know!

Much love,



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