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Vegan Tater-Tot Casserole | Day 6

I couldn't sleep last night. The first time I woke up, I felt delusional, my thoughts weren't making any sense, like not even speaking english. I was worried... until I woke up a few more times in the early morning with a headache, my hands numb, and a slight sweat on my face. I must have gotten a migraine in my sleep; these are my symptoms. Of all days that this could happen, why did it have to be today...

Eventually we got up because it was yet another "big day." We were exchanging places with Austin's dad. We wanted to move back to Wisconsin earlier than planned because of the corona virus, but we needed to be quarantined because we came all the way from Arizona... So Austin's dad (we call him Jimbo, for future post purposes) agreed to stay in my MIL's basement for a few weeks while we stayed in his apartment. Well, that few weeks was up, so today we packed up Jimbo's apartment, shoved it in our cars and drove thirty minutes to a "new home" where we'll probably stay until we buy a house.

Most of the morning we just packed up things and moved them into the car. Even after being nomadic for the last four years, we still accumulated a bunch of stuff. I said in an earlier post that I'm like the queen of crafts, a housewife by choice pretty much, and my crafting collection had increased while living in Arizona. I'm like everyone's grandma, wearing old sweaters and dresses while crocheting shawls and blankets. It's like I carry around a miniature Hobby Lobby around with me in assortments of colorful backpacks from my teen years, mixed with the array of vintage clothes I've recently acquired. Let's not forget the bags of health food goods, bulk items to stock up for the pandemic. Nobody seems to know how long we'll be isolating, so we bought a lot.... and I mean a lot of food before we came back to Wisconsin. Then there's all of Austin's paintings, and I had around seven musical instruments, two amps, and a big ol' trunk filled with vintage books and memories from the past. It just seems to go on forever, especially when you're constantly packing and unpacking. To any aspiring nomads out there... be sure you don't have many hobbies because they will follow you where ever you go!!

Around 1:30 we were packed and ready to go, and drove the country roads to our new "home." It was the first time in about a month that I got to drive alone and listen to my music and I discovered Peach Pit released their new album! I'm so estatic, they are like my favorite band right now. I don't really know how they fit into my aesthetic of "grandma core," maybe music is for the Aries side of me and my grandma duties fit with my Cancer moon. Anywho, I felt relieved to finally sing! I didn't realize how much I would sing in Arizona because I would drive all the time and sing almost every day. It's been three weeks, a little part of my locked away in a closet. It feels good to find a part of yourself that went missing. I'm literally going to look up Peach Pit's new album on tabs and learn all of their new songs. XD

After unpacking everything again, it was about time for dinner. I got cooking. Austin told me his mom used to love tater tot casserole, and decided to make that for her first vegan dinner. I looked up tons of recipes but all of them required fake vegan meat and all kinds of other weird ingredients. So I decided to just make up my own. Here's a short rendition of what happened in the kitchen.

Vegan Tater Tot Casserole

1/2 onion

2 stalks celery

2 carrots

2 cloves garlic

1/2 a broccoli stalk

1/2 cup frozen peas

1 can navy beans

1 tsp boullion (paste or dried)

1/4 cup flour

2 cups nut milk

savory spices (sage, thyme)


1 bag tater tots

Chop up all veg into small pieces and put in a skillet on medium heat with a bit of oil in the pan (or not). When the veg are al dente, add in the beans, peas, s/p, and boullion, mix well. Then add in the flour and mix evenly. Lastly, add in the nut milk and stir until little bubbles start to come through and take off the heat. Get a baking dish ready and put the mixture in the dish. Arrange your tater tots on top in any aesthetic fashion you please and place in your preheated oven. This part is up to you; you can either toast the top with your broiler until the tots are done - or you can bake a bit slower and let things mingle for 30 minutes at 400 degrees.

Ashley's kitchen is a care-free kitchen with few rules, so forgive me for my care-free recipe writing. I was listening to Peach Pit while cooking, so there's a chance something else happened in the mix of all the tater totty goodness. My MIL was very pleased with dinner and even said she could go vegan if she knew how to cook like that. Boom. Comfort food always wins.

I'm excited to be staying here because we get most of the basement to ourselves... two rooms of storage, a long ass table to work on, a big bed, and even a TV to keep us busy if we care to be busy in that way. All of my art supplies are out on a bookshelf and organized in front of me, so I can FINALLY finish some of the projects I started, I don't know, last year?

I got an Etsy sale today, I'm so pumped. I forgot to tell you guys my store is 10% off for the rest of the month; just trying out some promotion type stuff to see if that helps. Wouldn't it be awesome to start making enough income online so I can pay for a mortgage?

I think that's all for tonight, nothing else new here except I'm so ready to sleep. It was a long day!

Sending love,


Day 6, 263 days to go!

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