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Underwater Atlantean/Lyran Being

During a meditation, I went exploring the depths of the Atlantic ocean, but not as a human. As a dolphin! The fun thing about explorative meditations & astral travel is just that - we can become anything that we want to, or, anything that our souls want us to experience.

So here I was, a dolphin, feeling like one at that too, with that cosmic intelligence radiating from my crown. I was in open ocean, and I felt like I was off the coast of Europe somewhere... not sure where. I felt calm and safe in the body of the ocean blue, her waters containing so many galactic memories from long ago, of the countless lives and civilizations that lived on our planet. All of a sudden, I looked straight ahead of me to see a humanoid being suspended in the ocean, about 20 yards away. I wasn't scared, no. It felt more like a reunion of yet another self, another soul fragment, that wanted to meet.

The being came closer, and I realized it was me, from another time. Somehow, these two beings/bodies were able to meet and to come together even though they are the same soul experiencing different lives in the same point in time. We embraced in a hug, and it felt like a cocoon of source-love radiating within and around us. It felt like a true homecoming, of soul fragments meeting each other and re-integrating once again.

After Atlantis fell deep into the ocean, many beings residing there had to make a decision on what their next steps were. Many groups of Atlanteans did different things. Some flew off in a ship. Some stayed here on Earth. And some had to evolve into something entirely different, similar to how many humans in ancient times morphed as they built civilizations under ground.

This Atlantean being told me how they evolved after the fall to become ocean dwelling creatures. Their hands had webbed fingers. They had huge eyes with beautiful colored irises under a sparkly film of black. Scales covered their bodies in spots and they evolved in a way that they could breathe in water. It seemed to me that they were amphibious-like, being able to go to the surface to walk around, but they preferred to be in the water. They are waiting for a time to resurface and reconnect with fellow humans, waiting for us to be open to their existence.

Another interpretation/timeline that came to me in this meditation was that this amphibious being was in fact a being from Lyra. I've talked about this in my previous blog/vlog posts, about how I feel like Lyrans are connected with Atlanteans, and perhaps there's lots of other beings that came from the cosmos that became "Atlantean" on our planet during that time.

Either way, according to Lyssa Royal, all beings in our galaxy originated from Lyra. So in a way, this being is Lyran :)

My previous paintings & explorations of Lyra were in fact of a race of amphibious humanoid beings. Though Lyra is often associated with feline, lion energy, I deeply feel there's this amphibious race there too, like salamanders, exuding that similar fire energy yet remaining in the shallows in their watching-wisdom. It could definitely be so that this being that I painted came from Lyra to live here in the ocean, and had some part of Atlantis before it fell. Perhaps time will unfold more to me soon!

What do you think? What feels more like truth for you with this being? Share the thoughts in the comments if you wish :)

The painting took me a few days amongst the humidity of the forest. I painted the being using gouache in a watercolor like style, then added pen work & light codes in the back ground. Don't ask me what they mean. I'm no translator, just the messenger :)

Sending you love and light!


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