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Trip Reveal! + Last Update for Awhile

We're down to a measly eight days until we depart from Phoenix airport and across the world! Finally, I'm excited to say I'm taking an adventure across... like I intended when I started this platform. I love traveling the United States, but there is so much out there on our floating rock in space and I want to expand... to go further! But before I reveal to you where we're going, I wanted to share a little about our week last week.

Note: If you like video format better, click here.

I've been working on creating videos for you guys while I'm gone since I'm unplugging from social media while traveling. I want to get the full experience, you know? Every Monday and Thursday I have a new video coming out on my YouTube channel, Adventures Across. Some videos are about gardening, some about traveling Northern Arizona. I hope you enjoy them as I've been spending time perfecting them, making them more entertaining and touching to the heart. All these videos have been keeping me pretty busy, as it takes lots of time to film, edit, and release them. I think I mentioned in the last blog post that I signed up for a course on self-publishing.. that's been floating in the back of my mind too, since I'm in the process of writing a new book. My intention is to reach more people who are interested in nature, alternative perspectives, permaculture, and living a holistic lifestyle. I want to help people change their lives, to feel more connected with themselves and our beautiful planet. I hope I do!

Besides working on Adventures Across, we've been doing some renovations at Thomas and Lou Ann's house. Austin and Thomas have been redoing the master bathroom, painting the walls, replacing the tile floor, and eventually we'll put in a new vanity. It beats the gaudy pink walls with a lime green counter top, so 70's right? There's also little projects on our list, a list of 30 things to get done around the house. Reupholstery projects, cleaning projects, organizing. On Thursday, we completely cleared out the two car garage where our bedroom is located and loaded up a trailer for the dump. And thrift store. The people who built the house stayed here until they passed away... so much of the stuff that was in the garage was their stuff that never moved. It's been here for decades. Stuff for the dump was from previous renovation projects that happened before we started living here. The place is starting to clear out and feel more roomy... more clear minded. You know me and minimalism... Less stuff = a clear mind and peaceful soul.

On Saturday, Austin and I took a day trip up to Flagstaff where it's cooler. There was an urban flea market in downtown. I love flea markets... going down rows and rows of tables covered in random stuff that could be hiding treasures. When I was growing up, my dad and I would go to the local flea market every Sunday at Wilmot Mountain. The ski hill parking lot was filled with 200+ vendors and locals scouring the musty boxes for possible treasures. I started my Etsy Store with old treasures I found when I was 13 - antique jewelry boxes, trinkets, even some rare antique books of timeless classics. That flea market and the time I spent with my dad there will always be in my heart.. It brings a tear to my eye remembering those moments together. I miss him all the time.

After the flea market we went up into the forest again. This time instead of going to Snowbowl, we went to an aspen grove part of the way up. The forest floor was littered in wildflowers and the trees gazed upon you with their dark and profound eyes. We found ourselves lost in another world as we climbed over rivers of huge boulders and fallen trees. Strange as it may seem, the open areas where the sun shone through were blanketed in waist high ferns and in between indigo lupines shot up and danced around in the breeze. Austin and I made crowns from grasses and wildflowers and took a little photo shoot. I really treasure these moments, where we can just "be" in nature and leave our phones behind. We connect so much more to each other and to ourselves, and every thought melts away. I feel it's so important for people to do. If I could, I would just live in the woods and spend most of my time there. Tranquility and wonder are some of my favorite feelings, I like feeling calm!

That brings me to today - and I want to tell you guys where Austin and I are going in eight days! At the beginning of the year, I felt this calling to travel overseas, to go on another international trip. The last one I took was to Canada (hardly international...) in 2015, and before that I went to Germany through a school trip called GAPP in 2011... So it's been awhile! About two months ago I decided to take the first step and get plane tickets for this place just to settle it once and for all.

Austin and I are going to Ireland!

We are both so excited, and nervous because well, we're going to have to learn how to drive on the opposite side of the road! We're taking a two week road trip around the whole country, and Northern Ireland too! From what I researched, it looks like we'll be visiting a lot of rugged coastline, enchanted forests, and green hillsides full of sheep. The only things we have planned are our accommodations, where we'll be staying... a foraging tour near Dublin, and on the last day of our trip we're visiting Winterfell from Game of Thrones (I know, super nerdy but I don't care :D) - it's the filming site for those scenes of the show. We'll get to do a bike tour around the forest, archery, and stay overnight in a cool cabin in the woods. Other than that, we're going to visit destinations around our route and make the most of this trip! Ireland isn't the biggest country out there, but there is definitely lots to see! Most things are going to be an hour drive from where we're staying at any point in time. I'm excited to visit a new country and to unplug from this internet world for awhile. I am in need of a mind clearing and some new inspiration to bring to writing books, poems, photography...

This might be my last blog post for awhile, but just know that I'm not disappearing for long! I can't wait to talk to you guys when I get back!

Much love,


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