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To all the 27 year olds

We are approaching the end of a cycle in our lives.

Metaphysics and many spiritual traditions explain how the human life goes through cycles in time. Each cycle is 7 years and each year there's a focus on a specific chakra. When we are born, we go through these chakras in a very open way. Below is how the cycles look:

  • year 1 (8, 15, 22) - root chakra {the physical world, grounding, primal needs}

  • year 2 (9, 16, 23) - sacral chakra {the emotional world, feelings, creativity}

  • year 3 (10, 17, 24) - solar plexus chakra {personal power, sense of self, confidence, self-sovereignty}

  • year 4 (11, 18, 25) - heart chakra {bridge between physical & spiritual, soul seat, center of love, clairsentience}

  • year 5 (12, 19, 26) - throat chakra {creative expression, communication, clairaudience}

  • year 6 (13, 20, 27) - third eye chakra {intuition, vision, clairvoyance}

  • year 7 (14, 21, 28) - crown chakra {higher self, spiritual knowing, connection to source, epiphanies, self-knowing, claircognizance}

The first cycle of 1-7 focus on just the basics of being a human. This cycle is mostly about the root chakra, even though we go through each of the chakras per year. We are completely open to learning and absorbing as much as we can from our environments to get an idea of how to live on Earth. We're children that haven't been "programmed" by society yet, so we're more open to the "impossible" and "invisible." Think about how open and imaginative we were at these ages, learning how to process and create realities through the seven chakras.

The second cycle of 8-14 focuses on the sacral chakra. We start to develop a sense of self and are working with our feelings, creativity, sensuality, and can begin putting the way we experience the world into what we create and do. For me, this time was filled with creating poems, books, art, and exploring where ever I could. It is a time to begin giving our existence meaning.

The third cycle of 15-21 is about creating our "self," forming our personalities and beginning our individuality from our parents. It is a time of exploration of self, of who we are on a soul level, and how we want to express that to the external world. I find this time to be hard on a lot of people, as many of us were put into scenarios that weren't in total resonance with this aspect of self. Arguing with parents, pressure from adults to "make something of life." Perhaps the reason teenagers get so rebellious is because they are just trying to figure out who they are without any external stimuli telling them what to be. Exploring the self can be enlightening and confusing!

The fourth cycle of 22-28 is connecting with our hearts. Diving deep into our heart centers and creating harmony or disharmony based on the information we're processing. This time for me looked like following my heart & intuition as much as I could to create my own path in life, as the mainstream outlook wasn't resonant with me. I had to spend a lot of time processing the previous cycles as they were deeply traumatic for me and I needed to rewrite my story many times. I experimented and explored new avenues and began giving my passion to create meaning by turning it into my career.

The cycles go on in seven year cycles, though I will stop here as I haven't experienced the future yet :)

We can give each year of life meaning with this explorative system of the chakras, and use it as a guideline if we wish, for what to focus on, if it resonates.

Right now, 27 year olds, we're at the third eye chakra in the heart cycle. We can see where we've been and see where we're going. We can see clearly the things in our past that were harmful & beneficial for our beings. We can reflect on the previous three cycles and make sense of it all. We can see what worked in our 20's and keep that, and let the rest go. We can feel where we're at and decide now where we want to go on our next 7 year cycle. This time we're in right now is a great opportunity for healing our inner selves.

Our 20's were a time of exploration of our adult worlds. How we processed our childhoods and teen years to live out our 20's. Everything we learned & experienced in this lifetime, as well as others, sticks with us like a huge library to reference. We can keep the same books and read them over and over, or we can rewrite the ones we wish to change. We can "burn" books that are no longer serving or resonant, and our deepest life experiences can be rewritten (an adjustment of perspective & perception to create a more positive timeline) to be more supportive of our journeys.

I went through a major transformation during this time, testing out things and finding out that others didn't work for me. It felt very adventurous, and well... like a downhill spiral at times. Now that we're on the third eye chakra year, it is time to reflect on all that we've seen and experienced and to bring meaning to it all in our lives now. Surely, we don't want to bring anything along in the next cycle that is unprocessed or unsupportive of our journeys here.

The next cycle for us is the throat chakra, the one about expressing ourselves through what we do/create, as well as expressing our truths. I see this as a great time for focusing on career or how we want to show up & express to the world. This looks different for everyone, your vision for this is up to you! How do you want to live & express this cycle of your life?

I invite you to engage in contemplation. Do a mental check of your life and ask yourself if you like the direction you're heading. If you do, then so great! Keep on keeping on! If you don't, not to fret. The power of the third eye is with you, to help you visualize the next cycle of life. Your intuition is your greatest guide, and you are supported even more by the current cycle you are in.

There is no beginning or end, there's just now. There's always the cycles that you can revisit as your years go on and focus on the paradise of a life you want to create. Though you can do these contemplations at any time, it could be so that during these specific cycles in our lives, we can focus all our energy on the one chakra to make a lasting change.

May this post serve you well, and may you gain some major insights of your "right here, right now!"

Much love,

Ashley Lynn

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