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The Tomatoes are Upgrading Us!

I have a funny story to share with you guys today.

So this summer, I started getting mega contacted by extraterrestrials, all sorts of races. I’ve been getting contacted intermittently my whole life, maybe like two contact experiences every year. Well this year, boy did it start happening almost every day until I realized that contact is happening at every moment, in every moment, if we open up our perceptions to it.

Earlier this year, I was being visited by Zetas and possibly a Reptilian (I just heard his voice, it sounded kinda lizardy XD) The Zetas didn’t freak me out too much, they just left me feeling neutral, though what I perceived as the Reptilian voice led me praying for my guides to protect me, something didn’t feel right. My waking situation wasn’t the most ideal for me, or Austin, so we changed that. Mom’s basement wasn’t working anymore so we bought an RV and moved onto the farm we worked at. We followed our hearts, and it brought us to an abundant and heart filled environment for us to thrive in and grow. Living right next to the woods where I could go out and connect with the stars again was really important to me, and it ended up changing my life!

In June, I took a course by Bridget Nielsen where I learned about the Hybrid Children program that has been going on for some time, to hybridize humans with ET races like the Zetas - for evolutionary purposes for both races. I can do that in another post, but it was this program that opened me up to intentional contact with extraterrestrials. Through meditation, art, your passions, the plant/animal kingdom, basically anything that gives you that natural high feeling of life, you can connect with ET’s, through intention.

Peculiar things started happening to me. I was sitting at the RV table, just minding my business in a little book when I felt a little tickle on my back. I itched it, it was nothing, so I thought. Five minutes later, I look over on my arm and a big black jumping spider was perched on my bicep - staring straight into my eyes! Like any normal person, I flinched and let out a big “AHH!!!” and swat him off. I immediately felt bad - if I’m scared of a little spider, how could I ever think that I’d ever have contact with an ET? Surely, I’d be more startled to see a human sized mantis being in a room than this little spider. Believe it or not, the spider sat on the bench beside me, still looking me straight in my two eyes with his eight. It dawned upon me that this spider was more than a spider, it had consciousness of some sort. I asked out loud, “What is your name?” and Bill came into my mind immediately. Bill? A spider that wanted to be called Bill? This new perspective of the world around me was beginning to become hilarious.

Bill was special. He came around to visit me often, usually around the same time every day. I’d be reading or writing and all of a sudden, he’d appear on the window behind me. One day, he even started hunting the flies that found their way in. The action packed scene led me to believe that these insects and plants that surround us weren’t from here. His abdomen had a symbol on it that was deep and familiar to me, what I call the “Starseed Symbol.” When I first found out about Starseeds, I saw the symbol literally everywhere and attributed it to resonate with Starseeds. It is three dots in the shape of a triangle. A symbol to remind me of who I am and where I am going. A symbol for others to recognize too. I’ll explain that in another post. Bill had the symbol on him, and that’s how I knew that he was an ET coming through to me as a spider.

One night, I suddenly woke up between 12-3 am. I rolled over to look at Austin and all of a sudden, a being’s face flashed in front of me! It only lasted a moment, but He was feathery and blue and yellow, with big eyes. He looked much like a blue eagle with a more human shaped face. The awe on my face lasted until I woke up, when I decided to draw him. Again, I asked what his name was and Bill came to me again. Bill?! The spider?!

During that particular day, I spent most of my time at work pruning tomato plants. I’ve worked with tomato plants before, but for some reason, these felt special, and they showed it too! On the plants and the young green tomatoes grew this magical gold resin. It was as if the plants were covered in a divine gold glitter, and knew it. I felt consciousness from the plants, a sort of extraterrestrial presence and these plants channeled their energy to me. I felt amongst friends, getting ready for a dance party, all under the glittery roof of the greenhouse!

That night, I went to sleep, just an ordinary sleep. Again, I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, and decided to keep my eyes closed - to just watch and listen. In my third eye, I could see a group of beings, and I asked who it was. *Blue Avains* they said. Then the group started glowing a blue hue. They told me two things: the tomato plants were upgrading Austin and I; and that the Blue Avains can sometimes enter into our bodies and take over, they can be present in our bodies for short amounts of time. After receiving these messages, I opened my eyes and looked out the RV window, the moon’s glow shining on Austin and I. I quickly scribbled what I just heard and saw into my dream journal, and the next day I explored this more.

I didn’t hear from the Blue Avains much after this, I feel that they only come around every once in a while. Their message did ring true to me though. For the rest of the growing season, I worked with the tomato plants and ate hundreds of tomatoes. They gave me such strong and vibrant energy. I’ve never tasted tomatoes so sweet and flavorful before. Over time, the mildew and fungal diseases started coming into the greenhouse because of a particularly hot and humid summer, and the plants lost much of their gold hue.

It’s funny to me that these experiences started happening once I opened my mind up to all the possibilities. It’s all about the open mindset, trusting what comes through, and letting go of the logical mind.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you ever had beings come to you through dreams? Let me know in the comments :)

Much love!


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