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The Spewing Red Well

I woke up this morning thinking about the artesian well in the middle of the Mississippi River that spews red sediment and thought it was time to write about it.

Earlier this year I watched a film while painting called The Mystery of the Lost Red Paint People. It's available on Gaia TV if you're interested in watching:[]=en&utm_source=share

The film is from 1987 and traces ancient sites much like Wisconsin's mounds to discover a "lost" race of people who were seafaring when "they shouldn't have been" that ended up on the east coast of Canada. They always buried their dead in elaborate mounds with "red paint," or red ochre, with them in some form.

A few weeks ago, Austin and I were hiking in Goose Island Park outside of La Crosse. It was a nonchalant day, I wan't out looking for anything. We just wanted to go for a little hike with Sparky so he could get some energy out. Along the trail grew early spring flowers, violets, dandelions. Nothing too spectacular here until I heard the sound of whooshing water.

Always eager to follow peculiar happenings, I quickly diverted off the path and into the forest, towards the sound of the rushing water. My jaw dropped at the sight that beheld me!

I didn't read any of the signage at the trailhead before going on the trail, but what I came across was an old pipe sticking out of the ground and gushing with water. All around the pipe and the water flow surrounding it was a pithy looking substance, none other than what I believe is red ochre.

Upon some research on Wikipedia, red ochre is a form of hematite, which is a dehydrated form of iron. Hematite is very magnetic and is also in our brains. Our brains work with electromagnetism, so this is an important thing to note, that this substance can interact with the human mind. There are many implications about these red paint people, and why they used red ochre, and upon reading about the properties of it, it's no doubt to me that it was for spiritual purposes.

I've been on the hunt (?) for information and experiences that tie together all these connections that keep coming up. I don't talk about it much, but I'm super fascinated with America's mounds, effigy mounds, mound pyramids, and they feel peculiarly related to Atlantis, the giants, and perhaps the Annunaki people who are said to have traveled here after losing their planet. I could go even deeper to say that maybe these people were from Lyra, long long ago? Lyra was also said to be destroyed by natural causes, displacing people to move to other corners of the Universe. Could it be that these Lyrans and Annunaki are related?

Freddy Silva ties together that possibly, the gods of ancient Egypt were in fact extraterrestrials from off world that came here to teach humans wisdom and civilization. Using etymology, he went thru the names of the gods in many cultures around the world and they all linked to meaning very similar things - the Shining Ones - aka the Annunaki. Many cultures have parallels to this - the ant people and the Anasazi in the Southwest; in Sumer they were literally the Annunaki, with Enlil and Enki being prominent figures; and the list goes on. I'm still doing my own research, but he makes it pretty clear through his research that this is so.

The Annunaki people were giant humanoids, with red or blonde hair, fair skin, and blue or green eyes. Many of the skeletons unearthed in America were giants, some were mummified and showed the blaze red hair clear as day. The description of these people is not like the natives that we know of today. They look very much like humans, but are just bigger than us. Apparently, the natives came across the Annunaki and weren't fearful of them because they looked so similar. Other ET races have unsightly appearances that would no doubt freak someone out! Not in this case.

I feel like the Annunaki get a bad rap and are misunderstood by many. Perhaps it is so that some of them are controlling assholes that want to take over the world, and to make the human race a slave race. But just as there are benevolent and malevolent human beings, that exists so for other races in the Universe. I don't think all of them were bad. I do believe that there were some who wanted nothing more than to be "watchers" of the human race and to assist us to the light, to benevolent and harmonious ways of living and evolving.

I enjoy visiting the sacred sites around me to meditate at them, to connect with the beings that lived there, and to ask questions. One time, we visited the Trempeleau tiered mound and when I sat down to meditate, a red squirrel came out of nowhere and stared me blank straight in the eyes and chirped at me for ten minutes. Synchronicity? I think so. I took it as perhaps one of these Annunaki people sending me light codes through the chirping of the squirrel. To me, it wasn't just a squirrel, because even when Sparky came around, it continued on and even came closer to us to give the codes.

Freddy Silva also shares the story of Horus and how he came to be, as well as his relocation to the Americas after shit in Egypt went down. Horus moved across the Atlantic to South America under the name Quetzalcoatl and helped out the Aztecs with civilization. I just finished reading a book called Atlantis in Wisconsin by Frank Joseph, all about how the people from Mesoamerica and Atlantis moved up to Wisconsin and the UP Michigan to mine copper during the Bronze Age and supplied copper to Europe. The kicker? Europeans didn't know how to sail long distances yet. The places they settled in Wisconsin, below the frost line, were places like Aztalan, Trempeleau, Madison area, and the mounds in and around Muscoda. After visiting these sites, I would have to agree with Frank that these areas with the mounds were sacred sites and were used for spiritual purposes as well.

There are so many parallels and connections from all these stories from all these researchers that I cannot deny any of this. I'm not saying I know it all, or know anything, all of this is like a personal journey for me because I feel so deeply in my heart and soul a connection to all of this. In a past life regression in February, I found out that in one of my lifetimes I was an Earth Mysteries explorer from England (?) and I came to America specifically to study the mounds. In my own personal meditations and explorations, I feel like I actually did live a lifetime or two here in ancient Wisconsin, engaging with the "lost race" of people who built the mounds and the mysterious legacy of these lost people. In yet another lifetime, I was a princess in Lyra, living harmoniously with the planet and people. Are all of these lifetimes connected and meant to be remembered now? Probably. I still need more answers :)

As I wrote this post, the appearance of the wood thrush came to me in the woods to share that it is important to always speak my truth. No matter how awkward, different, and unconventional it may be. She sat with me for quite a long time, just silently watching me from the tree, awaiting the finish of the blog post. What a darling :) To be honest, it was pretty hard for me to write this post, about this subject, but nonetheless, I feel supported by spirit.

Much love to you!