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The Problem with Social Media

I’m really frustrated. And enraged, and confused and so many other things. Over the course of the past few months, I’ve been waking up to the fact that our lives are no longer private due to the technology boom. Films like The Social Dilemma on Netflix share some of what is going on, but I keep hearing more and more. Basically, there is a lot of censorship happening on big tech and social media, especially the most popular ones, that prevent people from knowing the truth of what is going on. The polarity of misinformation and genuine truth is so great right now it makes my head want to explode. On top of the censorship, there is the tracking, where basically your phone and devices will listen to everything you say and sell what you say to companies so they can better advertise to you so you will buy things. Companies can build profiles for us and put ads in our faces (propaganda) to sway our decisions.

The sad thing is it is all happening BECAUSE WE ARE CONSENTING TO IT! We don’t have a choice, really, if we want to use “their” platforms because we have to check “agree” to their ever-changing Terms & Conditions to even proceed. Have you ever looked at these Terms & Conditions pages on every single platform you use? No? I don’t either because it is confusing and a waste of my time! I feel it should be common sense to treat human BEINGS with respect and TRANSPARENCY rather than the continual flow of confusion!

My frustrations stretch because while I’m in the process of evolving MY platform, I’m faced with these challenges. I want to be as open and transparent with the people I share with, and it is challenging to when a.) I don’t even know enough to feel confident with the fine print and I don’t think I will ever be, b.) I use these platforms that are doing these frustrating things and I would feel at a terrible loss to completely start over somewhere else, c.) I just want to create art and share and am fearful of being banned from these platforms for sharing such high insights that expose the truth. (I think I’ve already been “shadow banned” on Tiktok for some of the videos I share about awakening and such.) Being a starseed, and someone who knows the truth of what is going on, I am stuck in the middle of feeling excited to help you and give you my offerings and defeated because I feel like my authenticity and voice are compromised. I feel all of this so heavy and am looking for solutions.

I’ve had to go through writing a Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for my website so I can optimize it and share more with you on my blog, webshop, and course portal. It has been a confusing process and I am doing my best, though I know that most people won’t go and read these parts of my website due to not caring so much about it. I don’t feel good about tracking either, and I’ve had to adapt to adding “cookies” to my website (which I might end up removing because I don’t agree with it.) It is so confusing for me as a spiritual entrepreneur and artist to have to go through all of this just so I can share my art and books with people. Yet, big tech does it every minute of everyday and they don’t seem to bat an eye at the morality behind all of it. I know having these documents on my website do add in that element of transparency, though it isn’t going to be read by every one of my readers. I just want you to know that I am doing my absolute best here and I’m sorry if I made any mistakes.

Personally, I use as many ad blockers as I can. I don’t use Google, I use Ecosia to search for things online. I don’t use any major web browsers, I use Epic as they value privacy. I learned today that you can now turn off ad tracking on your iPhone and turned all tracking off. (To do this, go to settings, privacy, tracking, and you can turn tracking off on all apps.) I don’t use notifications on my phone. My privacy is important to me and when I find out that something slipped, it triggers me. My whole life, I’ve had to go through bouts of no privacy, sharing space with people and never having complete quiet and peace. Someone was always in my face telling me what to do/think/feel/act. I finally live somewhere now that I will never have to deal with such a privacy issue again in my physical life, but I feel that sense of invasion with my devices.

On the flip side, perhaps all of this is preparing us for something greater. We are evolving as a race and a planet. We are upgrading our consciousness. From reading and studying supernatural phenomenon, especially with extraterrestrials, I know that beings that come from dimensions higher than 3D, perhaps 4D and up, can communicate with us with our minds. Telepathy. If beings connect in this way, there are no more secrets. Anything in your mind & being can be felt & read by these beings. Of course, connecting with sentient, benevolent beings is what I would personally want, and I know I’d feel safe about that. I don’t consider big tech to be benevolent and sentient, so of course this resistance is coming in. I just don’t want to be collectively living to serve the “elite” anymore. I want to live as sovereign beings, a sovereign race together, creating openly and honestly, with the highest good of the all in mind. Not just the 6 people on top.

What do you guys think? How can I communicate best with you so my offerings and messages reach you? I want to show up, I want to give you the gifts I have to offer, but this stuff is bogging me down and I want to find the best solution out of this.

Thank you for reading,

I love you with all my heart!


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