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The Matrix

A normal day in 2014. I woke up at 7 am. Grabbed a granola bar and headed off to class. I sat in a hard seat for 7 hours that day, listening to lectures about corporations. How to make money in quick, and efficient ways. How to use statistics and business finance to find the most profit for the least amount of input. Using overseas help because it’s cheap labor. How to manage people in an office space, where everyone is just a zombie anyway like I felt sitting in a dark, grey classroom. A class whose content I actually enjoyed was run by an entitled man who failed every paper you wrote because it wasn’t ever good enough for him. After school, I’d walk home and spend the next six hours serving food coated in canola oil and pesticides, greasy spoon food, to people who were obviously unhealthy - sharing with me their health/drama issues of their unhappy, mundane lives while my manager, the owner’s daughter, sat on her phone and ordered me around like a little slave. I’d then go home, work on homework for a few hours, get stoned, and go to bed, just to do it again the next day. I felt like this life had no soul or purpose. But I was told to go to college, get a “real job,” and find the best way to make a lot of money, so I tried it out.

Growing up, my dad (bless his soul) gave his lively hood to a corporation that many of you may know. He worked for a cell phone company, Motorola, and designed the motherboards for many of the cell phones you grew up with. You know the Razor flip phone? He designed the motherboard in that bad boy. He was an electrical engineer, a career that was higher paying, higher up there on the hierarchal job scale, and well respected at that. Though he had these benefits to “look good” to society’s standards, making a decent income and being “respected by society,” I saw how unhappy he was. I saw how everyday he came home, he slowly went from happy dad to dad-that’s-hurting-inside in a matter of a few years. He went from okay, to worse and acquired depression and anxiety to where he couldn’t find happiness anymore. He expressed to me that he wanted to be a photographer, that he adored the art and lived for it in his younger years until he found out that most photographers who graduated worked in camera stores. So he gave up his dream to become an engineer. Being an empath, I clearly saw his pain and knew that there was a better way to live.

It was through my dad and through going to college for business where I woke up to the “Matrix.” I’m sure some of you have seen the actual movie called “The Matrix,” and this is what I’m talking about. This exists on Earth right now. I’m not telling you this to scare you, rather to make you aware of what’s going on, and to share with you the programming that’s been going on for so many years now. Most people are told to go to school, get a high paying job, work that job to create a retirement fund, get health insurance, get life insurance, get a big house, a nice car, and to give away your personal power to corporations, your boss, the banks, the government. Have you ever questioned this? Have you ever wondered why we are told to do this? Have you imagined a better way?

One of my passions lies in helping to co-create a New Earth with other people who see that this "matrix" isn't going to work out in the long run. People who want equality and fairness for all and have successfully gotten out of the Matrix. It is up to us, to you and me, to create a new way to live. A new way to co-exist, to co-create together to create world peace, unconditional love, care for ourselves-Earth-and our communities, to live from our passions and heart’s desires rather than for ego purposes (money, sex, power, fame). I LOVE helping others find their fears and blockages within, and working with them to bust through and to reach a new level of consciousness, a new level of their dreams. I’ve found ways to live out of the matrix where abundance flows, where I use my skills and talents in exchange for things that would normally cost money. I’m learning how to create a New Earth by living in it! I do this for myself all the time-it is how I deprogram and recreate my life. You can do this too, learning how to become empowered and healed through your energy body, aligned with your higher self and heart center. These will always guide you to your purpose and mission on Earth.

I’m so grateful to have experienced this first hand in my younger years so I can create the best life for me. To share this truth with others so they can take back their personal power! We all deserve the best, we all deserve our dreams and desires, we all deserve love.

How do you feel about the Matrix? What steps are you taking to fully step into your personal power? Let me know!

Much love,



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