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The Law of Attraction

The first time I heard about the Law of Attraction was my second year of college. My world suddenly opened up after a breakup with a boy from high school that I followed around. I was so distraught and confused; I needed something new in my life (and not another boy!) My dad (without knowing about what I was going through) suggested I watch The Secret, a self-help documentary on improving your life. I’m sure everyone’s heard of this film by now, it seems to be a common thing amongst folk!

As I feasted my eyes on the film, my jaw dropped. Was this real life? Can all this be possible?Surely, I would have heard of this in school or something. The movie taught me a beautiful lesson. Manifestation. The ability to use your mind to create anything in your physical reality. The notion that this is ALWAYS happening. Anything that I’ve experienced since that initial spark has come to me from manifestation. Austin. Going to Canada. Traveling. Sparky. The off grid cabin. Living in my mom’s basement. Publishing a book. Becoming a creator. I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to the Universe for showing me this.

What is manifestation? Here’s how I put it-your thoughts create your reality. Seems simple right? It really is! Just think about it. What do you think about on a day to day basis? Start observing your thoughts. What you think about in your waking hours will end up manifesting right in front of you. Did you think about a song during the day and then it magically comes on the radio? How about that craving for something sweet and then your partner brings home a nice treat for you to share? These things happen more often than we may believe! But wait, there’s more.

Manifestation is always happening. Your thoughts are always creating your reality. Even those pessimistic thoughts that creep into your day-focusing on those create more misfortune in your life. Focusing on gratitude, positivity, self-love, peace, achieving goals, and feeling the bliss with all of these things will bring you more abundance!

Coming from a place of gratitude is super important. Feeling grateful for what you already have, and feeling whole will attract more abundance.

The Universe (God) always brings you more of what you’re feeling (positive or negative). This is just a universal law (if you’d like to read a list of the laws of the Universe, check out this awesome article here). It goes out into the cosmos and other beings experience this too. You are a divine being, a creator here on Earth and a big part of that comes from your mind!

Another point I wanted to bring up is that the feeling you have when a thought arises. Feelings are very relevant to thoughts. If something feels good to think about, wouldn’t it feel good to have it in real life?

The Law of Attraction can be used to manifest your wildest dreams. Have you always wanted to take a trip to Europe but always left it in the dream/doubt state? Or have you dreamt of being in a certain career but never pursued it? Use the Law of Attraction guys!! You will live in your wildest dreams!

Now that you are conscious of this super cool super power, don’t you want to learn how to use it?! I’ve outlined how to get started here!

  1. Start observing your thoughts | This is the basis for manifestation and the Law of Attraction. Your thoughts create your reality is the truth to this. Becoming conscious of the thoughts you are having throughout the day is the first step to retraining yourself.

  2. Tune into the feelings you get inside when the thoughts arise | As I said earlier, pairing thoughts with feelings brings to reality your experiences in life. Feel what it feels like to go on that trip to Europe, how would you go about your day to day?

  3. Start small, and pick an intention | I would suggest trying out the Law of Attraction on something small, like manifesting $10 extra by the end of the day, or blindly choosing a certain colored shirt out of the closet and see if what you imagined was what you picked. After some practice and observation, you will start to realize this truth for yourself and think, Damn this really works!

  4. Create a goal for yourself | Setting goals, or intentions sends out a signal to the Universe that you’re ready to attract something into your life. The Universe will give you what you send to it remember, so staying focused on your goal and how it makes you feel will attract it into your life. When you can really feel it in the imaginary state, the Universe will bring it to you physically.

  5. Get clear on your intention | This is super important. Get out a piece of paper. Right now. And write down in the title part “[insert your desire/intention/goal]” I will use the example of attracting Austin, my lover, husband, and partner for 4.5 years. This is probably the craziest manifestation for me, how well it worked and in only 7 months. So, my title would be “My Desired Life Partner.” Then, under the title, start listing the qualities of your intention, and follow your heart on this one. For me, I wrote down things like “blonde hair, blue eyes, athletic, likes being together a lot, humorous, etc. (though some of these were much more specific, my bulleted list was 30 lines long).” You get the gist. Allow your desires to flow onto the page without judgement. Just feel how amazing it is visualizing such an amazing reality for yourself. You deserve it brother/sister.

  6. Believing is seeing | Really believe in yourself, and the intentions you set and they will come to fruition much quicker. Leave behind doubts and fears, push past them and really take your power in obtaining your desires.

Easy right? It’s all about connecting your heart-love, joy, bliss, higher self, intuition-with your mind. Your mind is a tool, a beautiful tool that can create a beautiful life for you <3

Now that you know about the Law of Attraction, what goals and intentions will you begin setting for yourself? Let me know!

Much love,



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