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The Insect Beings of Earth

Hey friends! It's been some time since I've written on the blog. It's been a tumultuous time to say the least since I last wrote, though I know for sure it is for the highest good. Letting things go within myself has made room for beautiful new things, and I can see the highest timeline unfolding, even if it will be an obstacle course to get over all those hurdles! Or maybe it won't be :)

I've been sort of self-censoring myself as I unlock more of who I am. It's been a grand journey learning more about my past lives, galactic lives, natural abilities, and integrating it in a way that makes me comfortable and at peace. Somethings that have contributed to me hiding and not sharing as openly as I did in the past are: seeing how real some of the visions I've had are becoming, and how relevant they are to "the times"; feeling such intensity in my past life recalls and galactic lives; meeting so many new beings with benevolent messages, and wondering how to even tell people about this; and I've committed to rooting in my area and must face the task of "coming out" to people in my small community. One of my past life recalls has been of me being a Druid in Scotland during those "witch burning times," helping a forest heal and living a beautiful, magical life isolated from others and working with the energy of nature (aka, magic)... until someone found out about me and I had to face the fate of being hated for my true identity and perish. I've also had an awakening to my Sirian parallel life, that whole process was one of the most intense things I've felt here on this planet. I am still processing it, though I feel like I'd like to start writing a blog post about it.

This post is a continuation of this post, where I shared my experiences of finding a rock covered in petroglyphs in the middle of the Sedona desert. This place isn't a mystery on the physical plane as I've encountered others traversing the trail this rock is on, however, I don't think many people know what it is... and I'm not even sure I know for sure what it is, but I can feel the energy of the place.

Austin and I went back to Sedona in October 2021, and my main mission was to visit as many petroglyph sites as I could along the way. I was on the search for these "mysterious people of the desert" who made the petroglyphs, and the ancient aliens they were in contact with. We took Blue the Dragon, my truck, down and car camped for two weeks in Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Our first stop was Mesa Verde National Park where cliff dwellings stand preserved in cliff sides of mesas, the wooden ladders propped up like someone was there just yesterday. The hike to the petroglyph panel was two miles and brought us to an ancient map projected on the cliffside. The energy here felt like Sedona, sacred, and filled with happy nature spirits who knew our names. From here, we went to Shiprock in New Mexico and gazed from afar, next Bisti Badlands which literally felt like moving in fast motion in time watching the rock spirits grow out of the dust, then Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, and finally to Sedona. There was one park in Sedona I wanted to visit called V-V Heritage Site, where yet another map like panel painted prehistorically perplexed me on a red-rock cliff side.

Austin was with me in all of these places, whereas before I'd travel alone. It was affirming to me when he did visit, usually a grounded man who didn't really make opinions of these things, & he'd confirm that he did feel something, yet didn't know what. In 2018-2020 when I'd travel to Petroglyph Rock alone, I'd have experiences and would study the rock, and document what happened. In the time since I've had time to strengthen my intuitive abilities and cleared the perplexing air to come back with a new perspective. For some reason, I feel more connected to spirits here in Wisconsin and am able to communicate with them better, I can hear what they're saying. When I'm in Sedona, it is like gathering data to bring back home to process. I brought Austin to Petroglyph Rock this time and shared with him visually everything I encountered, from the staring strands of cactus in the distance, to the shapes on the rock. Since the last time I visited, a new layer of glyphs appeared to me like a veil had been lifted. The petroglyphs were more faint, though I could make them out. One was a triangle spiral shape, another was an 8 shape, and a few others I couldn't quite make out. It would be interesting to have some sort of way to look at the pictures so I could see them better.

Upon reviewing photos from our trip and knowing that I went there to connect with ETs, I found it very interesting to find a picture Austin took of me after climbing down from the top of Bell Rock (an upward/masculine vortex) and seeing a rainbow cast around me (perhaps a lens flare for the skeptical) and a bright, metallic speck in the sky, when zooming in on it, it clearly looks like a... craft perhaps...? In the original picture, look in the rainbow above my head.

Okay, back to the story here, about the painting. It's been a few months since we got back and it's like everything blew open. I knew who was coming through to contact me now, and everything made so much more sense. These weren't mystery beings to me, though the way they came in was newish. When I was working on an organic farm everyday in 2018, I became aware of the insects around me and their consciousness. If an insect came to me, I'd greet it and talk to it like it were a person, and they'd usually confirm our connection when I asked them to move a certain way or to "dance" as I've said in videos before. I associated insects as being connected with certain ETs that would contact me, like "Bill the Jumping Spider," and the fun blue & pink leafhoppers. They would bring subtle messages that were like spiritual guidance to help me move on a more peaceful path in my life, and to follow what my heart wanted with more ease. I used to talk to insects when I was a little kid, and was never afraid of them. It was like I could feel into their energy and knew their intentions. In a more childish way, it could be looked at if you were to pick up a children's book with insect characters, and realize how each insect has an essence and personality. For some reason I can read & understand them, I don't know how to explain it any other way!

I currently live in a house who's interior is completely made of wood. You know how when you look at wood, you can see different patterns and circles in each panel? Well, I started noticing that there were faces in the wood, and most of them looked like insects. On the ceiling, there is a clear mantis being like a spirit guide (I mentioned Crystal in another blog post). Others look like Horus, a dragon, a unicorn, a dog, and all of the insect faces. The more I noticed them the more of them I saw. Perhaps this is what "seeing invisible beings" means, and having clairvoyance in the physical realm. Physic senses are partially internal, they can materialize in our human senses too.

Realizing that there are beings all around can be a little unsettling, though I've worked through the fears of this over the last years. I believe that all of these consciousness are reaching out to me because I am aware of them and the possibility of them, and I trust that my higher self only allows in beings that are for the highest good.

One day I decided to sit in quiet meditation and ask who these beings were. As I asked them, I felt a surprising zing of love in my chest. They always felt lovely and quite funny to me, always speaking really fast and eager to have me listen. If I'd ask a question with a nodding reply, I'd hear "Yes, Yes!" very fast, from more than one being. Do you remember the little alien toys from Toy Story, and how they'd all talk in unison? Sort of like that! In this meditation, a "representative" was put forth to me who had the appearance of the being in my painting. She explained to me that they were an insect/humanoid group of beings in another overlapping dimension to ours, sort of like the fairy realm, but they weren't of that realm. They had their own. I always like giving beings names as it helps me to tell their story better, so she told me her name was Maple. This was Maple's message:

"We aren't the same people the Hopi know, rather an insect species who know we share the same origins from Sirius. We know how to bend & work with the laws of nature but cannot leave Gaia yet because we are like you. We want to work with you to bring Sirians here so we too can meet them and have a coming home. We are always around you and you just became aware of the identity of this intelligent energy. We are the ones who have been contacting you in Sedona at Petroglyph Rock, the ones who show ourselves to you as little hover flies & moths. Our mother civilization resides on Sirius too, just as your aquatic soul does."

All of this is surprising to me, and it comes in quicker than I could make up any thoughts. What she spoke of next was also surprising, yet I'm not surprised because I have a knowing it will happen some time on the Earth plane. Reintegrating our galactic ancestors into our lives as the ancient humans of Earth did. We know that people from Sirius and Orion and many other star systems walked on this planet at one time as ancient civilizations make it so clear. And of course, we know of Lemuria and Atlantis, and finding out that Wisconsin is tied to Atlantis makes me know that these people walked on this land at one point, maybe even as soon as 2,000 years ago.