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The Innocent Archetype

I’ve been doing some inner discovering and came across the Innocent Archetype. The Child. The Fool. Those who live in bliss, that appear naive or ignorant. Those who see the optimism, the romance, the beauty in every little thing on Earth that it inspires awe. Those who dance in the flowers and laugh, the ones who feel everything so deeply, those who are empathetic.

I’ve been exploring the perspective that the businesses and the creations we create have an essence. A personality. A *beingness* that wants to be channeled into this 3D reality. An archetype. My personal essence is definitely that of The Innocent, and I realized my business is too. The art that flows through me embodies the essence of innocence. And though at times I feel like what I have to say or share is boring, cheesy, and mundane, I must remember it isn’t for everyone. It is for those who resonate with the essence of innocence.

In these days of inner exploration, I’m learning so much about myself and how I want to move forward on Adventures Across. I’ve struggled with finding my audience, but in discovering these pieces of myself I’ve also discovered the essence of my audience. Those who I can connect with and speak to. What I was afraid of sharing now becomes liberating and now I’ve found who it is I’m talking to. And I’m so honored to be talking with you in our exciting times on this planet.

So tell me dear reader, do you resonate with the archetype of the Innocent? What does it feel to have this archetype as your natural state? Let me know below 🌸

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