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The 5 Senses Writing Exercise

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

The eye of an aspen tree

Note: This blog post is a transcription of the video shown below :)

Hey guys!

Often times we hear about how important spending time in nature is. Mother Earth helps us ground, relieve stress and anxiety, and can really boost inner creativity. What helps me connect deeper with nature is writing about my experiences outdoors - describing things in unique ways that are relatable - as well as taking photos. It is summer here in Northern Arizona and we’re spending many days at the creek cooling off our bodies in the rushing water, and pondering what we see. Sometimes, we can take nature for granted and say, “oh that’s just a tree….” In this video, I’m going to share with you a five senses writing exercise you can do the next time you’re out in nature that will help you connect deeper with her and appreciate all she has for you. If you’re looking for some writing inspiration, this will help you!


This exercise is based off of a releasing anxiety exercise I learned years ago. It’s used to help calm down your mind, though in this exercise it helps you see things for more than they are on the surface. When journaling, let yourself experience everything fully. When answering these prompts, dive deeper in description, using adjectives, metaphors, and similes to really capture the essence of what you’re feeling.


** What are five things you see? **

** What are four things you hear? **

** What are three things you can touch/feel? **

** What are two things you can smell? **

** What is one thing you can taste? **

** BONUS - How does this specific place make you feel emotionally? **


Notice how you feel during and after this exercise. For me, I usually feel refreshed, calm, and centered, mind full of clarity. Let me know in the comments below how you liked this exercise - and if you’d like to get more journal prompts in your inbox, sign up for my email list here --

As always, thank you for reading and much love!


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