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Starseed Resources

Hey guys!

It's been a hot minute since I've written on the blog. I received a message from someone asking for more resources about starseeds and after finishing the email I realized I had a pretty big list going! I wanted to share the list with all of you guys in case you were wondering yourself.

In 2017 I had my starseed awakening. (I talk more about what a starseed is in this video linked) It was so profound and eye opening for me, all of a sudden my life made complete sense and I knew exactly why I came here on Earth. I had a mission, a lifelong mission, to complete and I needed to share what I found out with as many people as possible. Which is where Adventures Across came from... that awakening. For some of you who are like, "Wtf are you talking about?" let me explain a bit!

A starseed is a soul who feels like they originated off planet, or that they have lived other lives on different planets. They feel a close connection to the stars, a lot of the time they feel like they are looking home when they look to the sky. Sometimes, they can feel out of place and like their place isn't Earth; the energy here can feel too dense. They are extremely empathic and hyper-aware of everything and a lot of the time they don't understand human tendencies and the reasons why humans do certain things, like destroy ourselves and the planet.

Below are some of the resources I found when researching starseeds, and a lot of the information that helped me through my awakening!


The Prism of Lyra by Lyssa Royal - This book is all about the history of the galaxy. It is channeled information, meaning a being or collective telepathically shared information with the author so she could write the book.

Visitors From Within by Lyssa Royal - This book is a bit different. It is about one race and a reason for abductions of humans. It could be a bit bizzare to read, so maybe save this one for later! I don't want it to freak you out! It is about a race called the Zeta Reticuli and how they almost destroyed themselves and how they are teaming up with humans to save their race. It goes pretty deep, and explains that it can be seen as symbolic and healing. I don't mean to scare you, but please proceed with caution lol!

A Wanderer's Handbook by Carla Lisbeth Rueckert - I didn't read this entire book, but there is a lot of information in here about paranormal experiences with ET's and other beings, and goes into how healing oneself internally will create the biggest change in our paradigm. She talks a lot about how you can heal yourself and how we are raising our consciousness to make living here on Earth lighter.


This is probably where I got most of the information, is from the internet!! Below are some sources I've read over time and found helpful.

In5D This website is just filled with articles and information about all kinds of topics including starseeds. I referred to it a lot when I first started learning about this stuff.

GaiaTV This article is a great overview about all sorts of things starseeds. I also love GaiaTV as it is like a spiritual Netflix. There are so many videos, movies, meditations, and yoga classes on there that you can learn so much from.

I've referred to this person's website often. She explains so much, especially about discernment and being aware of who and what you are giving your energy to.

YouTube Channels:

I talk about starseeds on my channel a bit, but I definitely don't touch on it all! Here are some of my go-to's when I am searching online.

Spirit Science is a favorite of mine to refer to. They make fun videos explaining various things, even beyond starseeds.

This man channels an ET called Bashar, if you are interested in his work:

A search result filled with guided meditations for connecting with your star family:

I used to watch The Universe Inside You all the time, not so much anymore:

Dolores Cannon dedicated her life to this stuff:

Dr. Steven Greer is all about making peaceful contact with ET's in the night sky through meditation and remote viewing. He and his team created a protocol and an app for your phone to go out at night and try this. Here's his channel:

That is all for right now! If you have any questions, additional resources for this list, or comments, let me know! If I come across anything else I will add them to the list.

Much love friends!


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