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Spring Flower Photo Dump!

This spring has been a spectacle of floral blooms. They amaze me, each new one I spot brings in such feelings of excitement, joy, and connection. The last two weeks have been a season in and of itself, the colorful ephemerals quickly shot out of the forest floor in between the trickling rain. This year I tried to clean up our forest a bit, picking up wheel barrows of sticks to make room for more plants. We live on a north slope in a deciduous forest, so moisture and mushrooms are abundant here. Although I appreciate all the mycelium members of the forest, I always like to encourage more flowers and blooms, because they are in fact the earthly essences of angels and the stars. I'm not sure if this method of picking up sticks worked *for sure* but I feel like there's way more flowers here this year than last! Including some rarer flowers I've never seen before like the orchids!

Some of the photos below are flowers from our yard, others are from a park nearby that we hiked at today! *yay!* I'm probably not supposed to be hiking because my knee isn't totally healed yet, but I do believe in the body healing itself even through physical activity, and since my heart was feeling so joyous of adventure today, I had to :D

This area I live in, feels in fact sacred and full of ancient mysteries. I know in my heart and soul that it is, and there is something about looking out towards the river that awakens those memories within me. Today, as we hiked up the hundreds of steps to the lookout point on top of a bluff, I spotted some quartz peeking through the limestone outcroppings, remembering how I noticed this in Sedona at some known vortex points. At that same moment, Austin spoke out about how this hiking trail was like hiking in Sedona, with all of the rock climbing involved. And the thing is, he said the same thing as we went passed that point going on the way down. It is interesting to me the similarities between the two places, though Wisconsin is much more green than red rock Sedona.

On the hike today, I saw many new blooms to add to my photo collection. Just when I think I see it all, I see some more. The stars of the show were definitely the Shooting Stars, though trilliums and pink columbines covered most of the forest floor. At the top of the bluff, we were greeted by a field of spurges, something I've never seen before, green flowers lighting up the landscape. I promised myself I'd take more photos of the wild geraniums, Geranium maculatum, this year since they are indeed my favorite flowers. Below are all the flowers from the last couple of weeks, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)

Just as I was finishing this post, the sun began to set through the trees. Lately, since our couch is oriented in a different way than it was last year at this time, I've been sitting in my spot next to our windows looking out towards the windows of the west. To no avail, the sun will shine through the trees in the evening even if there were clouds all day. At around 8pm, the sun will peer through brighter than ever before, looking like an angelic star with points and all, perhaps even like the star of Bethlehem. And since it is sunset, and the leaves cover it a bit, I'm able to look into the sun (sungazing - look it up!) for a short time and take in the beauty and love coming from Her. Usually, a cardinal will come and rest on the branch right above the sun's position, letting me know that I'm safe, protected, and watched over by those who love me in the spirit realms. I feel so blessed to be able to share my experiences with you so openly, to know that it is safe, and to be able to share the pictures I take of these angelic beings we live with on our planet. And I feel blessed to have readers like you who are open to these things, and who can appreciate the beauty around us too.

May the good of all be experienced by us all :)

I hope you enjoyed this photographic post! Happy spring, and remember to go outside to visit your flower friends too.

Love and blessings,

Ashley Lynn

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