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Solar Eclipse Reflections

capturing sunrise in early fall

*song companion for this post*

🦋 Solar Eclipse Reflections 🪲

  • It’s necessary and healing to embrace & feel emotions, though they aren’t to be indulged in as a mental analysis puzzle…

  • Growth can sometimes happen right under our noses and we don’t even know it until we’re *there*

  • Building a business and keeping my cool has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and I honor myself for taking the time to build the necessary foundations so I can begin fresh and confidently and get fuckin excited again

  • Triggers can be our friends - take a deep breath in the moment and observe what they are communicating with you

  • Sometimes, it is what it is

  • Guilt is not a bad emotion, it shares with you that something is out of alignment with your values, or your values are unaligned with *you*

  • After going through *hell and back alive* I have such deeper respect for myself for dominating the hard stuff

  • Literally everything is alive and even the spaces between

  • Imagination is reality

  • Boundary setting is important, but holding them up consistently is moreso

The eclipse that passed last Friday was the ending of an 18 month cycle, a time of growth and healing on many levels! For me personally, I learned so much about myself and grew in more ways than I knew possible; yet I experienced grief much of the year that I was surprised was still in me. Grief for losing people so close to me, and grief for letting go of beautiful, worn out parts of myself. I have erred away from sharing this stuff publicly because well, it is personal, and vulnerable, and most of the time I was not okay. Overall though?? I kicked ass at facing so many fears & challenges and turning them into lessons & opportunities. I successfully built a website & online shop after years of not having one. I’m doing my art dream full time, doing adult shit I rebelled against, and living in a cabin in the woods, just like I always dreamed. Somehow, it feels like I’m tiptoeing through a portal into the *good life*, where life feels lighter & the old is gone forever. *even* from the Akashic Records. This year sure was a transitional year, and now that there’s much less fear, let us meander off into the woods under starlight and *dance around in circles*

On a nature note, this year I didn’t do much gardening, one reason being I was observing this unique property I live on and debating whether or not we’d be best here… What I did do however was explore so many places around the Driftless, capturing thousands of photos of the flowers & river systems. I feel so incredibly blessed to live in a raw, quiet place where I can meet all of the different beings around me. Plants & flowers teach me so much and are the best companions on this Earth for me. I’ve come to cherish these friends, they are so pure and innocent and like it when we interact with them. Oh, and I found it intriguing visiting sacred sites to really get a feeling of what was *actually* going on in this area in ancient times.

What are you reflecting from the last year and a half? How have you grown? How have you kicked fear’s ass? Make a post about it, celebrate yo’self. Remember that you’re divine and so badass for showing up everyday and living your life. Make it your best one though, okay? ;)

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