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A Post for New Readers of This Blog

Updated: Sep 9

Well howdy! I’m Ashley, a nomad, writer, artist and musician on a journey for deeper meaning in life. After college I wasn’t satisfied with the idea of “that’s it! I’ll just go get a job now!” and went on a journey for deeper fulfillment and adventure. I wanted to try living alternatively to the norm as this was exciting to me, and I wanted to find better ways of living harmoniously with the earth. This journey of mine has gone on for about nine years now, beginning right around the time I met my life partner Austin. Together we’ve lived nomadically in all sorts of situations - off grid on the Oregon coast, explored work exchange stays on farms, lived in an old RV at an organic farm, tried out desert life in Arizona, experimented with small scale homesteading at a cabin in the woods, and where we are now, living full time in a camper. (You can photographically explore our journey in “The Journey” tab above!) Our adventure hasn’t been the easiest, it hasn’t been “the way,” yet it has been interesting and filled with adventure.

a rare snowy day in sedona

Right now we are on the precipice of nomadic adventures once again! After we decided buying a house was a bad idea we bought a camper and a newer truck instead and are living at campgrounds to explore more of the US. We figured it out in our own unique way, so we’re going for it! A little bit about the two of us: we are explorers and adventure seekers. Our sports are snowboarding, skateboarding, roller skating and hiking anywhere interesting. We travel, of course, and use campgrounds as our home base. Our camper’s name is Stella and she is a Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser. Sometimes we’ll take weekend camping trips and we’ll bring a tent or sleep in the truck. We have two rescue chihuahua mixes: Sparky and Ollie. We picked Sparky up in Oregon (he’s 8 now) and Ollie in our hometown in the Midwest (he’s 2). As mentioned above, I am a writer, artist, and musician. I’ve written several books during my learning phase, though my treasure is my poetry book Find Me in the Forest. Gouache is my medium for painting and the cosmos, nature, and travel are my inspiration. Music has always been my number one passion in life and besides for writing my own acoustic music, I’ll play in concert and jazz bands depending on where I live. I am also deeply interested in metaphysics and use this as my basis for how I see the world.

posing with Stella and my campground garden

What is my blog purpose?

  • To inspire others from all I’ve learned and experienced as a nomad by sharing my lessons & stories

  • To share my travel stories and memories

  • To share my personal journey

  • To share what I’ve learned and do with the things I’m passionate about

  • Gardening/permaculture

  • Travel & minimalism

  • The specific places we travel to

  • Photography, art, music, poetry

I hope we can make a safe space together on this blog and talk about some interesting topics! If you want to interact and comment here, you will have to make a free profile. To do so, click on the “log in” button and create an account. I don’t use your personal information for anything, that is safe here. You don’t even have to put any information other than your name and email address.

That should do it here for the intro post. I look forward to connecting with you on this virtual space!

Much love,

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