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Priestess Initiations at the Megalithic Gardens

It seems like every time I visit some sort of sacred land something marvelous happens. Today was no exception however small and subtle the messages were. That’s usually how the Divine Feminine shows up, you have to be very still, listen, and you’ll know that she’s always been there.

Today I was blessed with the opportunity to visit my local megalithic garden with one of my new friends. In some of my previous posts I shared how I joined a 5D community group with some locals in my area, and this woman that traveled with me today was the reason it began. She moved here with the intention of meeting like-minded folks and starting spiritual groups where we can discuss solutions and new ways of being & existing in, you guessed it, 5D. The first time I met this woman I was so surprised. I drove to her house blindly and didn’t know who I was meeting. When she opened the door I saw one of the biggest smiles and was greeted with such enthusiasm. She had hair white as snow yet her spirit was timeless, her aura radiated like white angelic fire. Something I’ve noticed about her is she can always find the positive, the 5D in any situation, and the spiritual meaning of anything. It’s been an honor, really, to be in her group and presence. She is such a big soul here with a big mission yet as of right now there’s just a small group of us that are able to receive her messages. The first time I met her we chatted for a few hours about star beings, inner earth, and spirituality in a way that I’ve never been able to talk to another human about before. She seems to be on such a similar level to me which I’ve never encountered before either and it was truly a blessing to find such a kindred soul. So of course she would be the perfect person to bring with me to the local megalithic gardens…

I wore a yellow jacket today. Yellow seems to be my new sacred-site viewing jacket, and one that totally empowers me in my solar plexus. There’s been a few things that of happened this year I haven’t shared yet on my blog or the YouTube channel that have sort of brought the energy in my solar plexus down. My boundaries have been trampled on several times and it’s been hard to get back up to decide that yeah, this is my path and I want to be doing this. I absolutely love talking about spirituality and 5D living, living a heart & soul led life, star beings, earth beings, & everything in between. I just absolutely love this world and apparently there’s many other people who love this world too and don’t have anyone to talk to about this. The thing is... I just can't be that person for sooo many people, or even invest most of my free time to someone without getting anything in return. In the past I contemplating doing sessions and such, and creating that sort of boundary for myself could be a solution for energy drain.

I think it’s super important to have friendships that are physical in our lives that we do feel safe with these topics and we can share our truths, no matter how "out there" they are. There’s always people around us who are willing to listen, and you’d be quite surprised the people around us locally that believe in the stuff too. We’re not the only ones scattered about the planet. I realized this after I had my boundaries shattered last year when I put all of my energy into one friendship that would never fulfill me. I realized then that making friendships online only would never be a solution for me, even though it seems so sprinkly and fun. That’s why I devoted a lot of my time this year to looking for people in the physical world that I could spend time with who did love & cherish me, and though it’s taken me a while to open up, to be friendly, & open hearted with them it’s been so worth it. I don’t feel like I need to have exclusively online friendships anymore, and I won’t be pursuing them.

My yellow jacket makes me very noticeable, so I told my friend I’d be wearing it and she could find me at the bottom of my driveway when it was time to pick me up. She saw me bright and clear from her bright red car, I hopped in and we headed off on a metaphysical adventure up the river. It took us about an hour and a half to get our destination, however we had so much time to talk about everything our hearts desired. Inner earth. The mysteries of the land we live on. The true meaning of a lot of the constraints that are on humanity right now. And the truth of that, the truth is that we choose everything that we experience in our lives. We can choose whether or not we want to participate with what’s being projected to us or not. It’s actually really beautiful to think of it that way, we can at any time, so if you don’t want to participate in those things that bring you down - don’t - because well, they’re just bullshit.

The day started out absolutely perfect. As the universe would have it we arrived at our destination at 11:11 AM, something that we definitely didn’t plan especially having to go through all the construction zones to get there. It was divine timing if you ask me. Immediately we walked into the first building, the dragon’s hut, a place with dragon energy. We knew right away what we were going to experience here.

We had similar questions to ask at this location. When attending sacred sites it can be fun to have an intention of why we’re visiting, and questions that we want to ask spirit while we’re there. Last night I felt a strong urge & importance for me to do an oracle card reading and to pick certain gemstones to bring with me to help with whatever energies wanted to come through at the megalithic garden. If you’re not familiar with megalithic gardens, they’re a plot of land that have a collection of many different types of megaliths. This one in particular had some notable features. There were several stone circles - the main one being three different rings in one and absolutely gigantic. Also upon the land were a labyrinth, a dolmen, and several other standing stones each with their own specific energies. There were a few cordwood buildings with thatched roofs, a representation of how things can be made with nature only excluding anything man-made. There was even a structure that has solstice alignments where the sun would shine through a beautiful window of limestone into the center of the structure where three witnesses watched it, the witnesses being large standing stones. All of these features are carefully positioned with intention for spiritual growth and alignment. There is no doubt that we were going to be receiving something from this place, the sacred land that some brilliant person decided to build a megalithic garden on. What an honor.

As soon as I got out of the car I knew that my shoes had to go off. For me I need to be grounded in places like this and walking barefoot helps me with that. I decided to bring out the feminine part of me and wear a dress. This has been my inner work this year, truly embracing and embodying my femininity. I haven’t been sharing this because it’s sacred to me and I don’t want to share it, but I have been working very closely with the Divine Feminine and the Goddess, really healing those parts of me as they’ve been so hurt and broken in my life. It was because of my inner feminine healing that I was there today. Most of the spiritual work I’ve been doing lately has been about healing my feminine side, stepping into a priestess role, and really letting Her take the lead in my life.

We came to a half-circle of stones, the center stone being like a cracked egg. Immediately, I was thinking that I had to put my hands on it. The energy exchange through my hands like a tingling madness, I felt the power coming through the stone. I decided that it was time to lay on it. Next to me I looked at my friend and she was doing the same thing on a different standing stone, yet she was laying vertically against it with her eyes closed and I just internally laughed. Never in my life have I experienced another kindred spirit doing these things with me that I just so naturally would do on my own. I was so excited & happy to see that she was enjoying this place just as much as me and that she was aware of what could happen here, what she could receive. We both closed our eyes and felt the messages coming through the stones.

Something similar came through for both of us. She took off her shoes and laughed to me because the stone was screaming at her to take them off and to be grounded. I had to giggle along with her, because I knew even before I came that part of the mission. We snickered onto the next stones, suddenly realizing that if we laid on each stone like this, we’d be there for three days. On the egg, I received that I was getting energy reclamation here. Like I said earlier, I had my boundaries crossed and I gave much of my energy to other people without receiving anything back and it was so important for me to call my energy back to me, whether that came through the stone circles or came directly back from where I gave it. Sometimes soul retrieval and energy retrieval doesn’t have to be like that, where you have to get it exactly back from the person who you gave it to, however it’s better to move forward and have stronger boundaries and to receive any energy you need directly from Source, or if you’re into working with angelics or nature, those are two good options as well.

On a stone bench made of white and black granite we decided to sit in meditation for a short time. The question that we wanted to ask was, what was our purpose for being here? What did spirit want to give to us in this place? And of course we both wanted to know if they were any star beings that wanted to connect with us here. All of these questions were put out into the ethers as we sat in silence on this bench basking in the sun with the water in front of us and several standing stones towering out of it.

I couldn’t help but smile, here I was sitting in a place that I found so sacred and beautiful and a place where I could fully come out and be myself with another human besides Austin. Usually Austin will accompany me on these excursions and though he loves me dearly and is always there for me, he isn’t as invested in spiritual growth as I am so we definitely don’t sit and meditate and do really deep stuff like this together all the time. And let me be clear there’s nothing wrong with that, I am very happy with him as my life partner and I am grateful that he is my anchor to this planet. Here I was sitting with a friend who was just as interested in these things as I, meditating on star beings. I never thought I’d see the day. After those cheerful thoughts passed and received my message, I sat and watched the blackbirds sing and teeter totter on reeds in the pond. She came out of her meditation and we just sat there together. I asked her if she’d ever done this with anyone else before, if she’d ever been able to go on a spiritual trip like this and to go deep with someone else and she said she hadn’t. I told her that the purpose for us being here together was for us to experience this together. It was the first for both of us and it made it truly special. Shortly after I said that, a cat came from my left and immediately jumped on my lap and cuddled with us for the next 30 minutes we sat there. We were both astonished there was this very friendly cat. I told my friend that we intended to call upon star beings and what do you know? They sent us a kitty. The lyrans perhaps?

Later we found out the cat’s name was Hazel, and that she was the #2 tour guide of the megalithic garden. We didn't know that at the time and we found it to be special to have such a loving and friendly animal guide us along the way. The way we knew she was a star guide though was when we asked her, “Are you a star guide, are you a star being?” As in reply she reached up to the stone necklace around my neck and started to bite it playfully. I looked over at my friend and said, “This