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Poison Ivy in the Mind Forest

Over the weekend, I spent much of my time outdoors, pondering the forest before me. Everything came into bloom at once, the trees now flow their leaves in the breeze, pieces of the rainbow cover the ground as flowers manifest, and enchantment whispers in the air as the elm seeds float to the ground.

I noticed Virginia creepers popping up amongst the array of plants. For those of you who don't know, virginia creeper is a relative of poison ivy, though it doesn't give you terrible rashes (though, some may experience this). It's highly invasive and can sequester out natives in a landscape. Then I quickly discovered the maroon poison ivy plants popping up alongside and immediately got some gloves and started pulling.

I pride myself on being a land steward, and vow to take care of the land I live on as best as I can. Through conservation practices in the past, I learned the best way to get invasives out is to simply pull them out by the root and to let them wither away on the trail (I collected our in a bucket to dry out). I began pulling the poison ivy and virginia creeper out, making me feel better about wandering out in the woods barefoot, and an analogy came into my mind.

We, are like forests. Our minds are a landscape of the wild woods. So many beautiful things grow in our minds, but there's also those invasives... Though there's room to love them, they don't need to be there. The invasives are like those annoying thoughts that replay in our minds. We can simply love them, but it's always okay to let them go and to pluck them from the root in the ground.

What invasives live in your mind? Let the comments section be a dumping ground for your invasives, a place where we can love them and gently let them go. 🌿

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