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Planting a Mind-Forest

Planting a Mind-Forest

Yesterday, we took some time and plucked the invasives out of our mind forests. Doing this creates room, bare ground, for other plants to pop up and grow. Whilst pulling the poison ivy and virginia creeper, I noticed other plants nearby that I've never seen before, perhaps rare plants, that now have room to grow.

Take a moment: what is growing in your mind garden that you wish to nourish and care for more? What "mind plants" would you like to add to your mind-forest? What thoughts, feelings, and experiences do you wish to add to your life that you can plant now in bare ground?

Let's fill up the comments with the answers to these questions, and truly tap into our heart energy. Let our hearts become the leaders of our beings, let our hearts tell us what wants to grow, and allow our mind to integrate into that!


So tell me below, what thoughts are you adding to your mind garden?


Photo by the lovely @kelsie_herzogg 🌿

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