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If you're looking for a blog that's all about alternative lifestyles, adventure and nature, look no further! My name is Ashley, and my blog is dedicated to providing people with the information & inspiration they need to fully embrace the beauty of nature, themselves, and their dreams. Whether you're looking to explore new hiking trails, learn about alternative lifestyles, or to embrace a spiritual connection with nature, my blog has something for you. Read more about me here!

Pink Sun

Pink Sun

The normal morning bell rang

In slumber, I planned to remain

“Ashley, the sun is pink!”

The early riser had said

Quickly I sprang from bed

I couldn’t pass this moment

Somehow my array came together

Dog treats in pocket,

Sweater, to match the riser

Camera lens switched

For a different effect

And my garden sloggers

Had me next to the farmer’s cornfield

Sunflowers basking in the morning sun

How glorious the sun appeared

Pink, bright as a rose

Mists around it grow

The mountains, the Ridgeline

All in perfect time

The moment, it froze

As my shutter clicked

Like prose

The dogs rushed after me

What did I see?

Ethereal beings

From earth and beyond

To them a commonality

As I walked away, a tune in my head began to play

“Follow the sun, follow the sun,

Follow the sun, sun, sun

Follow the sun, follow the sun,

The sun, sun, sun”

I sang it aloud

Ancient roots aroused

Into the mist I tiptoed

Me, transformed,

an ancient maiden, morphed

Tattered gowns I wore

From pattering around the lands

Soul soared

A portal opened

To a fragment of my soul

Mornings like this are special. They take me from the mundane and into a land of magic, to the place I truly am. Right before I miraculously got dressed, I was laying with my eyes closed asking the Universe for some inspiration for creativity, for something to get me out of my creative rut. My energy feels a bit scrambled with the array of projects I've got going on - both in the community and for Adventures Across. This was a breath of fresh air I needed and asked for, the reason why I cherish living in the country so much. I was reconnected with the feelings of awe, enchantment, and mystery I had when I moved here two years ago.

Silly me forgot how beautiful transitions were. Winter and summer can both feel stagnant sometimes, being in routines and doing the same things. But spring and autumn? They come like an open pandora's box playing sweet music box tunes. They sing change in every moment, nothing being the same each day, hour, minute. It's best to pay attention, because you just might miss a miracle in a moment.

The contrasts of colors in the sky caught my eye. The sunrise was literally as pink as the photos, the mist from the farm fields and spring-fed river rose with the warmth of our burning star. Opposite the sunrise was the waning moon setting, high above our little mountain, swimming in blue hues. Then there was I, skipping in my colorful get-up of both colors chasing the sun before my camera battery ran out. I felt inspired today to try using my macro lens, the 50mm, after being stuck in a creative rut using the same ol' lens that came from the manufacturer.

I'm so glad I did.

When in a rut, try something new.

You never know what creativity and inspiration will be given to you!

A close up image of corn plants changing from green to yellow and magenta for harvest.
corn nearing harvest

Someday, I hope to get in some of these shots, to take that time for myself. Being a part of my photography makes me joyful as it reminds me that I am beautiful too. It is an act of self-love that brings me into alignment with my essence. Isn't it funny that we spend our lives looking at other people and observing them, and never in our lifetime will we get to look at ourselves from the outside?

One of my projects has me working on a book about shadows from my adolescence, things that make me feel ugly, anxious, and negative. I'm writing this book to honor her, that version of me and to tell her story and the lessons from that time, though sometimes I forget that I'm not her anymore. Together we pulled ourselves into a world of beauty and abundance. The world can make me feel icky too, though I'm realizing that we're already living paradise on earth by how we choose to live our lives. My intention is that my photography showcases that, and brings me and others into higher dimensions where anything is possible, all is beautiful, we honor ourselves, and bliss is experienced even in "troubling times."

Thank you reader for being here and reading the blog post and the stories I share. Thank you for receiving me just as I am, and continuing to be here for the ride. May you be inspired to go out and watch the sunrise soon! The good news is the sun is rising later and later everyday :)

Much love,

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