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Peculiarities on Forest Roads

A strand of prickly pear cactus looking over the cliff edge

Sometimes I get nervous to talk about what I'm going to talk about. But fuck it, I've gotta share this.

The other night I had a dream. I was out on a mission, out with a group of people in the middle of the desert. For some reason it felt like we were a UFO group... I remember the scene so clearly. It was the same sort of landscape as in the valley I live in. The soil was very rocky and varied in shades of gray and occasional browns. This particular location wasn't near the red rocks of Sedona, rather somewhere in the middle of nowhere. The shrubbery was the same, juniper trees and straggly shrubs around, plus the spying prickly pear strands in golden grass. In some places in the valley, there are mountains with what looks like pillars coming from the ground and going straight up, cliffs. This location was at the bottom of one of these cliff sides, in the shade, amongst the juniper trees. The mood was mysterious, though not in a harmful way. More like a "let's-see-what's-lurking-in-the-woods" vibe. I didn't see who was with me in the group, but we were walking in the environment described above when I saw three beings walk by slowly in an empty space between the trees. They walked in a line. The first being was a lion being, the second looked like a Zeta, or maybe an Insectoid, and the third I'm not sure. They wanted to meet us there, the feeling was in the air. A friendly encounter that would desensitize the scary idea that there are beings like us out there that just want to be friends. I didn't get to meet them, but I woke up with the feeling that I had to find this place and see if I meet anyone.

In the distance, you can see a cliff edge like the one I described in the dream. That's where I wanted to go.

I've had dreams about ET's before, some of them were enlightening, some peculiar, and some that spooked me too much. In all of them, it feels more like I'm living in a different reality, rather than experiencing some symbolic insight for my waking life. I believe we can travel astrally and have these sorts of encounters, many of which I share on this blog.

I felt that today was the day to start searching for the place in my dream. I did move to the area to explore this topic more... So I hopped in my truck and started driving into the desert. Along the way, I spotted a forest road that had one of those cliff edges in the distance. The place had a sign, "STAGE STOP." I get a bit apprehensive exploring in these sorts of places because more often than not, cell reception is lost and other people seem to go to the forest roads to drink, shoot guns, or who knows what else. (Based on the shotgun shells and broken bottles scattered about the parking areas.) I had Sparky with me, which always makes me feel safer. We got to the end of a forest road and I decided to park the truck under a tree, hidden from the view of the road, and we took off. First, I walked up a steep road to see a beautiful dry creek ahead of me, a few hundred feet away down the side of the mountain. I walked towards it, feeling blissed out and found myself at the edge of a cliff. Unfortunate... so I sat there awhile and stared. The prickly pears watched me as I listened to the distant songs of canopy birds. To my right, I saw another edge of a cliff, several hundred yards away with the dry creek in between. If you don't know what a dry creek is, it is a place that mass amounts of water flow through in the desert when it rains or when snow melts in higher elevations. During the dry months, there's nothing there but rocks and the tall sycamore and cottonwood trees, but when it rains, water rushes through and fills it in, sometimes getting violent and eroding the sides of the cliffs. When it is dry, you can walk through and see walls of dead trees piled up against the living ones, like a barricade. It is pretty messy down there as far as debris goes, but beautiful nonetheless.

You can see the end of the road right where the yellow trees begin, the dry creek

I spotted a road that went down the mountain and into the dry creek, so Sparky and I ascended up the hill, then around to find the road to walk down. The junipers and cypress let out refreshing aromas, happy to have a drink of water. It rained the past three days non stop, so everything was wet and muddy, and the dry creek was filled with life. I felt as though I walked into a different dimension, the whole area felt different. No people. No cars. I'm not sure what I walked into, but it was peculiar to say the least. I always talk to the nature around me when I'm out, and right when I asked if there was anybody here (anybody referring to ET's) a bunch of rocks fell from the side of the creek bed next to an old scraggly willow, its roots bulging out of the eroded bank. Yeah, I got startled, yeah it could have been an animal, but what are the chances that that happened right as I asked if anybody was there?

The scraggly willow, as described above

Now, granted, I wasn't in the best mood today, a bit crabby with a touch of road rage, so my vibration was quite... low. From what I've read and learned about some ET's is that they can pick up on your vibration and if you have a certain emotion they can take that literally and might choose not to interact with you, or like run. So maybe I was like a scary human to whoever it was that was watching me, like the kind that does shoot guns and break beer bottles (lol it's funny because I've never shot a gun and I don't drink anymore), and I spooked who ever was there. Or maybe it was just an animal. I don't entirely know.

I kept on going, still immersed in the peculiarities of this forest, noticing all of the young cottonwood trees sprouting up from the center of the creek bed. I so wanted to visit that cliff side on the other side of the creek, but decided against it since it was pretty far and when we got back to the road, Sparky started walking back to the truck. I don't think this was the spot from my dream, but it was a stunning little adventure for today.

The dry creek bed lined with young cottonwoods

We found ourselves meandering on another forest road up the main road. This one was higher up and you could see more of the valley, the mountains silhouetted in the distance. After walking a couple of minutes, a giant metal circular bin stood stranded in an opening. On the map, it said that there was a spring somewhere on this forest road, but what was this thing? Down the path was a rusty green hunk of metal with no words or anything describing what it was. Maybe you guys know...?

I drove home wanting to write this post. I went out looking for something, or someone, and ended up just having an adventures. It doesn't have much of a moral or a lesson, but I'm okay with that. Sometimes adventuring doesn't have to be a grand experience. Sometimes, just wandering out in the middle of nowhere is enough.

Sending you love friends,


Sporting the new Adventures Across organic tee in the middle of the desert

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