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New V(B)log Series + New E-mail List

Hey friends!

Phew has this summer been busy... well the entire year in general. I'm going through major life changes and though it's been exciting, I'm also exhausted! I've been away from the blog for quite some time for a few reasons. I was looking for clarity as to where I wanted Adventures Across to go, business wise and for my followers, and was so confused with all of the options I could choose to go in! When starting any business or creative venture, it can either be underwhelming or overwhelming. For me, I've noticed all of the paths I could take and just couldn't choose one. Sometimes humans see simplicity as not being good enough, and that's where I was... until now. I see the things that matter most to me - writing, photography, and adventuring - so I decided that focusing Adventures Across on these three was good enough for me. I was trying to get permaculture and gardening and all of these other skills I use in my every day life into this platform and it just wasn't working out for me. It was holding me back. Maybe in the future I can incorporate those into what I do but for right now, enough is enough to get started. So here I am - writing books and taking pictures!

Another reason I've been away is because my dad passed away in April. It was so sudden and unexpected. Austin and I had to drop our lives in Sedona and drive back to Wisconsin for two weeks, visiting with family, processing this major life event with each other, and since my dad didn't expect to die and didn't have a will, we had to figure that out too. I'm doing much better since then.. My dad was one of my best friends and I trusted him with everything. Now that he's gone, I can't call him every week like I used to. It saddens me, but he is in a much better place now. He suffered from depression and overwhelming stress from his job, and though we don't know the definite reason as to why he passed suddenly in his sleep, we know he's in a much better place. Peaceful. He visits me from time to time as a yellow swallowtail butterfly, and it's calming to know he's around watching me.

Shortly after that, I came home and explored life for a bit. I started trying out new creative ventures out in the real world... freelancing for friends in the area. I was feeling like a tea kettle ready to blow as my Aries temper set in. I was learning new things that were so frustrating to me and to be honest, I wasn't enjoying the work I was doing. It was too much and I didn't want to say no to people. So one day, after an anger outburst, I wanted to go to the park to settle down, center myself. On the way there, I turned into the Incredible Hulk as I got mad at a joke Austin was playing on me and I fractured my hand on his shoulder. SO incredibly embarrassing and was totally instant karma. It was like my inner child came in and wanted to defend herself, as I did when I was a child. For the whole story on this, click here. I broke my right hand, so I couldn't write as I used to or play music. My life pretty much went on hold besides for my mental ponderings, which I recorded on Voice Memos on my iPhone. My body obviously wanted me to slow down, especially after emergency surgery, so I surrendered. I had to get surgery where the doctor put a gold screw in my pinky metacarpal - it was emergency so they didn't put me under anesthetics so I got to hear the whole thing - drill screwing into my hand and all.

A few days later, I flew back to Wisconsin for a weekend to see my brother graduate high school. It was great to stay with my sister Kelsie and her boyfriend Drew and to create a video together. While I was there, I was able to pay off ALL of my student debt, which you can see here! My debt has been holding me back for years as I don't live to work for money, I live to share my work with the world. So my monthly income isn't that much... but what I have is ALWAYS enough. It was an amazing time, and I feel such a weight off my shoulders!

From then till the present, I've been house sitting and worked at a cooking retreat.. Both were cool experiences! Austin and I are going on a trip in 22 days and have been planning everyday for it. We're going international, something we haven't done since 2015, but this time we're flying across an ocean for two weeks. We're really excited and nervous as well as this is quite in the unknown for us! I'll share more about that later...

I'm also in the process of writing and releasing my third book - which is still a secret as well... I hope to finish the draft and get a proofed copy before we leave on our trip. I'll keep you updated.

Aside from processing all that has happened and updating Adventures Across, I'm finding myself relaxing, sleeping, and pondering out in nature. The sunsets in Sedona are out of this world, like I literally feel like I'm on another planet sometimes! Austin and I have been going to Bell Rock to watch the sunset behind Cathedral Rock - two major vortex points in Sedona. A vortex point is a place where there is a sort of energy tornado. Energy either flows in or out of the vortex. Masculine or feminine. The red rocks soak up the beams of sun like a sponge before it sets for the night. And the stars... I don't think I've ever seen the Milky Way as clearly as I do here. I like to sit on the roof of the house and take pictures of the stars, or watch for shooting stars or UFOs.

I plan on writing on this blog once a week, or once every two weeks as things start to slow down here... for a bit anyways! In addition, I have a vlog series to go along with this where I share snippets of my days here, whether that's going to the creek, spending time in the garden, or traveling somewhere new and far!

I just started an emailing list to share projects and new happenings on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. If you sign up, I will send you the first few chapters of my book A Year Against the Rain for free!

Thank you guys for being here and for reading what I have to say. I love sharing my life and stories because it can always inspire someone or help someone through a hard time. I appreciate you in my life! To sign up, click here!

Much love,


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