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Morels and Tree Nymphs

Today was one of the best days of my life! It’s been a dream of mine to find some morels in the forest, a deep yearning within that I didn’t know when it would be fulfilled. Today was misty, a rather unpleasant day to go out from the looks of it from inside. At around 3, Sparky clearly wanted to go for a hike and I was hesitant. I gave in eventually and got my foraging stuff to go.

I went to a park around the corner with the intention to walk for a few minutes. Next thing I know, I’m tiptoeing around an old homestead looking for artifacts. When you walk out the front door of the remains of the foundation, there’s a big tree, possibly a tree that was there during this person’s residence. I decided to talk to the tree, and more specific the dryad that could have been a part of it. Upon learning of the dryad’s saddle mushroom, and how it got its name, I became interested in the forest spirits, the dryad being one kind of them. A dryad is a being that is connected to a tree, to protect the tree and watch over it until the tree dies. So, that big oak tree across the “lawn” looked to me that it had a dryad, so I started talking with her. I mumbled something about who I am and what my intentions were and it felt okay to be doing that. Nothing creepy. I told her I wanted to find some morel mushrooms, as I’ve been looking for them for weeks, and she began to guide me.

Behind the rock foundation of the house was a thin strip of forest, deer trails crossing it in all directions, and greenery rising up from the soil. There were fallen trees all over the place, as well as cedars, buckthorn, and who knows what else. It was just a hodge podge of everything. Quite honestly, it didn’t look like morels would be growing in there. I found a trail of broken glass and porcelain, artifacts from the remains of the homestead. Next thing I know, there’s small brown bottles sticking out of the ground and I got super excited. Finding bottles in the woods is so very exciting! I lay them out in a row and a voice told me to leave them be. She quickly told me where to go and where to look, and I shit you not, two morels popped up right in front of me! A huge grin grew on my face as my dream fulfilled! I thanked her over and over for guiding me, and asked if she had more to show me.

I follow her instructions - go left, a little more… a little more… and bam! There’s one on the forest edge tipped over as if something picked it already. Again, I freaked out and say thank you so many times! I kept asking her if she could show me more. I wanted to go to the foundation of the house, but she said to go a different way. And I did, I followed her directions.

Sometimes when communicating with beings and spirits, it feels like it’s being made up in our heads. For me personally, my physic senses are primarily claircognizance, meaning I receive messages through thought. Sometimes I will physically hear something, and rarely I will see something, but I can always connect to that realm with thought. The best way I can describe this is I ask a question and receive an answer immediately, quicker than I can come up with a thought, and the dialogue moves very quickly. I have a hard time being able to translate the dialogue in my head to paper to share with you guys, but it is there. I do receive contact through dreams as well, just not so much lately.

Anyways, I keep following her guidance, while also fulfilling my search around the foundation of the house. I rounded the outer edge of the forest and she says “look left” and there they are, about 20 morels sticking out of the moss. I screamed with excitement! More?! I followed her, I trusted what she was telling me and she brought me to a great spot to pick morels. The amount of love I felt out of this moment was unreal, like I was being hugged by something greater and unseen. I asked her if it was okay if I picked them all and she said yes, “the ones you find are meant for you. There are enough in the forest that we don’t let humans see!” was what she told me. I picked most of them and continued on.

I look down a deer trail and she tells me to go down and to look to the left. She kept saying to look left and to go a little further. So, I followed, my trust fully in her and her guidance and no shit, there were about 10 more morels just on the edge of the deer trail popping out of the moss. Again, I freaked out and just sent out all my gratitude for her and her guidance. I then asked her if it was okay if I called her Nellie, and she said sure whatever you wish.

This happened once again, looked down a deer trail and this time she said to look right and sure shit, there was another strand of them. I was blown away. And I decided I would bring her flowers the next time I went back.

All in all, I found 45 morel mushrooms and a cool glass bottle to bring home. They are becoming fried mushrooms for dinner :D I was so touched by this experience though, meeting a dryad and having her guide me around the forest. That just goes to show you that there is something out there, invisible to our eyes, that can guide us and befriend us in ways that humans may not ever understand. I can’t wait to go back to meet with Nellie and to see who else I meet in the forest.

Sending magic to you!


Disclaimer - I found out these are half free morels, a very very close lookalike to the toxic beeps. If you find morels like Th is be sire, 100% sure that they ar morels by doing your research! I love sharing my stories with you but I’m not responsible for anything toxic you eat. Thanks for understanding!

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