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Modern Megaliths at Kinstone

Hello fellow friends! Is it just me, or does life feel magical, open, and filled with joy again? Gemini season is upon us, feelings of lightheartedness, dreaming, and intellect seep into our souls. How are you feeling after this weekend?

The week felt like a jump in dimensions, a quantum leap perhaps, into a higher timeline for myself. The forest is in full expression around our house and I cannot see through it anymore! It is alive, filled with flowers, and infinite possibilities. I feel just as the forest, present and in full bloom. New agers talk about moving into New Earth, and I feel like I've done it. The last seven years of life, filled with rollercoasters of ups and downs, to the extreme, to the brink of existence - have brought me here in this beautiful place I live in, a full manifestation of all the dreams and desires I carried with me during those hard times. Sometimes I can't believe I made it this far, and continue to move forward. You know how they say "your thoughts create your reality?" Yes, that's 100% true! And in the subtlest ways too.

Amongst the blooming joy and pockets of clear weather this weekend, Austin and I did some local traveling. While looking up sacred sites in Wisconsin, new and old, I came across this place called Kinstone Megalithic Gardens right along the Mississippi River. At first, I wasn't drawn to it because it is modern. As I researched more, my soul said, "Yeah, it's time to go," so we hopped in the car Saturday and drove up the Mississippi motorway.

Driving down the dead end country roads may seem like a likely place for a hidden gem in Wisconsin to be... and that it was. We pulled up to Kinstone and were immediately greeted by a 27 tall standing stone of granite named Venus. The stone exuded love and blessings, the perfect stone to say hello to weary travelers on a spiritual journey. We hugged the stone before moving on, soaking in all the cosmic love. The park is laid out like a pilgrimage, many different stone circles and structures to see, each having a specific meaning and resonance. Some are for healing, some are for downloading cosmic codes, and some are for connecting with ancestors. The place was also built with permaculture principles in mind, meaning most of this place was created with local materials, including the granite & gneiss standing stones coming from just across the Mississippi River, just a stone's throw away ;)

The buildings within the megalithic gardens were cord wood houses, meaning they are made of wood that would normally go to the scrap heap and filled in with a "mortar" similar to cob to create insulated walls. Wisconsin has a humid and wet climate at times, so many of these buildings are unique to the area, and are similar to the thatch roof houses in the UK. I love seeing people create buildings in these earthen ways as I've seen out west and in drier climates and makes me hopeful for the future of building. We picked up some maps in the Dragon's Keep and moved along the trail.

Opening up in the prairie and savannah were gigantic stone circles dotting the property. I couldn't help but to skip along the trail like a child and to wonder at awe at these structures. In ancient times, we can wonder (or perhaps know... *cough* sound levitation *cough*) how the "primitive" people made such gargantuan structures, but here and now, we have cranes and semi-trucks to transport these things. It blows my mind that the land I live on is compromised of piezoelectric stones that naturally heighten the energy. Granite, gneiss, limestone, sandstone. The land itself is sacred by just existing! These stones ranged in size, but all were megalithic. The standing stone circle in the center had three layers, the first were all at least 20 feet in height, the next ring was made of giant granite "eggs", and the center, three large blocks. I made sure to set my intentions here, as I knew that the earth energies of this place would amplify the intentions and quantum leap me to the manifestation :D There was even a summer solstice alignment at the "Three Witnesses" where the sun would peep through the ring in the structure on June 21st.

Many animal guides came to us as we walked along the "Way of the Stones," a contemplative path along the forest edge, each structure having a specific purpose for your life. Before staring, we met the animals of the site, the goats and a cute kitty that appeared out of nowhere! When cats pop up in my life randomly, I associate it with my connection with Lyra, a place of feline humanoid beings (however, there is an amphibious race here too, I've talked about this on my YouTube channel). She came to me and cuddled in my lap for awhile, sharing that my "star fam" was around and here with me. We continued on to the first stone circle, "The Circle of Mystery" where we sat inside and asked for the answers to our unanswered questions in life right now. A metallic, green beetle (heart transformation...?) said goodbye to us as we left to visit the next part.

Continuing on, we found a dolmen!! It's been my lifelong dream to find a dolmen and to contemplate the energies, and here was one just a short ways from my house! When we were in Ireland, one of the lands of the dolmens, we tried locating one in Burren National Park and climbed for hours to reach... nothing XD You can read about it in my new book if you want! Though modern, I still felt the dolmen energy, one of ancestral ties. I stepped inside and closed my eyes, my ancestors showed themselves to me as a crowd of light beings, or silhouettes of people completely made of light. They shared with me that they are so proud of me for the path I've chosen, and showed me a clear nature path for me to continue on.

Coming out of the dolmen is a feature called the Serpent of Transformation. The snake is a universal symbol of transformation, death & rebirth, knowledge, and our energy and DNA works just like a serpent moves. At the top of the serpent, we sat and contemplated life, where we were going, what we were grateful for, and this spot is where I wrote in my journal. At the end of the trail was a beautiful labyrinth, swirling below the swaled prairie and at the edge of the forest. I walked through with my intentions in life in my mind, going along the twists and turns to the center, to the manifestation, and felt the excitement of being there, before heading out the way I came. I love the analogy of the labyrinth being like dream-journeys, or even the journey of life. There's lots of twists and turns to get there, but no dead ends, and you always reach the prize in the center.

After being in Kinstone for two hours, we headed back south to Trempeleau and enjoyed a vegan friendly lunch at the historic Hotel and Restaurant on the river while listening to live music in the afternoon. It was truly a fulfilling day, one I didn't know I could experience here in Wisconsin amongst a megalithic garden, but hey, these things exist everywhere, not just here.

May you feel inspired to seek out your local sacred sites, and perhaps there's a megalithic garden near you! I know of two off the top of my head. For you east coasters, there's a megalithic garden in Pennslyvania called Columcille Megalith Park (I have not been, but perhaps some day!) I also know of a place in Florida called Coral Castle, where a man made this gigantic castle out of blocks of coral, much like the ancients did with their sound levitation... And then of course you have Arkansas and New Mexico filled with nature's mystical structures, and Arizona with Sedona and California with Mount Shasta. There are sacred sites everywhere, all it takes is an internet search and you're there :)

Thanks so much for joining me in this blog post! Until next time...

Much love,

Ashley Lynn

PS - I mentioned above that I have a new book out! I love writing travel memoirs, and this is my second one so far. It is called Found Among a Faery Glenn, about our trip to Ireland in 2019 and how I found healing after my dad passed away. I invite you to check it out!

Check out our pics from this excursion in the gallery below :)