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Modern Day Gridworking

You can usually find me hanging out of windows during the late part of the week. My husband and I clean windows of historic homes & farm houses speckled along the countryside amongst limestone outcroppings and trees of every shade and color. I find joy in cleaning windows part time, and surprisingly there’s metaphysical and spiritual qualities to this job.

We’re crystal cleaners and clarity bringers to the inhabitants of homes.

Sometimes Austin will say something along the lines of, “I’m a lightworker, clearing people’s crystal windows to bring more light into their homes,” and I couldn’t agree more! Windows are made of crystal, after all.

Homes are like an external representation of our inner worlds. Usually we decorate our homes with things that make us happy. It’s like the physicalized version of our inner selves. Sometimes our homes can reflect our emotional & mental states too, the way a house can be clean or dirty, organized or cluttered, energy light or heavy. Windows to me are like eyes, they’re the portal that the inner self sees to the outside world, and the portals that light enters the inner world. If the windows are dirty and the sills full of dead bugs and debris, the soul can’t see clearly out the windows and might be missing out on some beauty and spiritual insights! It’s harder for light to enter if the glass is clouded. Having the clean windows brings more light into a home, making the energy feel brighter and the heart more at ease. These are just some things I feel when scrubbing out sills and flicking dead bugs to the ground below.

The different levels and rooms in a home can represent different parts of our selves and our body systems. There are many articles online describing what each part of the house means in a dream state, however I see these as relevant to our waking lives too. For instance, the attic or upstairs can represent our higher, spiritual selves. Basements are the unconscious or unknown parts of the self, and no they aren’t always scary! The plumbing can represent the blood and emotions, the sewer/septic the digestive systems, heat & HVAC the lungs and heart, walls the skin, electrical the nervous system, and so on.

Lately we’ve been cleaning homes where the owner hasn’t been upstairs or in the attic in years. Though I’ve never had an experience with client’s homes being haunted, I’ve felt very dense and heavy energy in these places people haven’t gone to in awhile. I’ve been finding it helpful to bring certain crystals along with me, like black tourmaline or selenite, to help clear these dense energies out. Oftentimes just opening the windows and shades helps bring light in, but with the help of crystals and calling in certain archangels to help clear the space, I notice a lightness in the rooms that were once heavy with old emotions. Yes, I do take a few moments during these times to call in archangels like Zadkiel and Michael to transmute energies and bring in more love and light to a space. I find it works too!

What is gridworking?

To me, it is anything that alters and changes to an energy grid. It’s sort of like magic, but using intention and earth’s natural energies to make a shift. In an infinite universe everything is connected. We are all connected. Things that are connected have an energy grid connecting them, each thing has a passageway to another. Houses are on a grid, and they can be connected by electricity on a physical level. People can be connected to each other by emotions, thoughts, energy, love, and spirit. Our planet has an ancient grid network that ancient people on and off planet created, we see these as sacred sites like the Giza Pyramids, Stonehenge, Sedona, Hawaii, etc that are connected by Ley Lines, large pathways that form a geometric grid around the planet. Gridworking is a way to alter the grid for the highest good of all using intention. Helping a person clean up their home helps the collective consciousness grid, as well as the “home grid” (I sort of made that up, but it could totally be a thing!). Since we’re creating New Earth and are actively looking for ways to make our planet a more beautiful and abundant place to live, it makes sense to do this work, to make daily living better for all. Happy & clear homes, happy people, make the collective feel lighter and we can all live more peacefully together. With each place we “gridwork” that energy ripples out to the client’s friends and family. If the client is happier, they’ll be happier around their family, and so on.

There’s lots of other modern day gridworking jobs. Think about plumbing, that’s like a home’s digestive system. Electricians work with the nervous system. HVAC and heating is like the lungs and the heart. It goes beyond the home too, into our communities and way to gather people, creating regenerative systems in towns. The libraries, healthy places to buy food. Farms that honor the land and grow food in holistic and healthy ways. Creating ways for transportation. Gatherings and social events. People that keep order and organization. Waterway management. Waste management. There’s so many jobs not listed that definitely fit this bill! We are all like cells creating organs that create living systems, microcosms and macrocosms and universes together.

Sure, there are more advanced ways to practice gridworking, like traveling to sacred sites and making crystal grids, meditating on clearing the grids and invoking world peace. I actively practice this too! But isn’t it cool that we can also be gridworkers and lightworkers in practical ways, ways that simple tradespeople & the modern day person practice everyday?

“My, everything is so clear and bright! I have never seen my windows so clean before, and I’ve lived here for 30 years,” clients often say as their windows look nearly invisible after we finish. The vibrancy that comes into the home of the green foliage of summer trees adds beauty to our clients’ lives. Even if we don’t tell them the spiritual aspects of the work we do, we know they can feel the shift. It’s so worth it to be able to make peoples’ lives more clear and bright in a way as simple as cleaning windows. The spiritual side is more of a bonus, and sort of fun to be stealthy about :)

Ways to Add Gridworking to Your Job

  • Practices as simple as inviting in divine energies or placing crystals in certain places can help elevate the grid. If you work in an office, you could create a crystal grid that invites in collaboration, cooperation, clear communication, and for all outcomes to be for the highest good of all.

  • Something that I do at home that could be done anywhere is placing selenite wands on window and door frames, and black crystals like obsidian and black tourmaline above doorways to be an energetic filter for negative energy as people enter and leave a space. Selenite is a crystal that never needs cleansing and can cleanse energies, elevate and bring in positive energy, and purifies that which it’s directed towards.

  • If you’re a tradesperson you can just hold the awareness that you’re helping clear up the energies of that person’s home that you attend to, and perhaps even affect their own personal energies of that system. i.e. the furnace repair is helping repair their heart.

  • Physically cleaning up energies helps tremendously too. Matter is the densest form of energy, so clearing up that can just make a space feel lighter on other levels too.

  • Another thing you could do is to invoke an energy field around you of certain qualities for the day, i.e. ease, grace, love, light and a day of 5D, and ask that for yourself and anyone else who touches your energy field. Spreading it out to all around you! Maybe you’ll imagine during your day your energy bubble touching other’s bubbles and instantly brightening up their fields.

The possibilities and options are endless, and your creativity and imagination can create infinite ways to do this. All in the name of love! If you’ve got other suggestions about practicing modern day gridworking let everyone know in the comments!

I hope this offering of a new perspective of common jobs and gridworking was insightful to you! Do you have any other jobs that you’d like to add to this list? If so let me know and I will add them!

Much love,

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