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Mind Forest Caretaker

Mind-Forest Caretaker

I used to feel like I was harming earth with all the "human" things I needed to just exist. Water, food. Space to live and *be*. There are many ways to fulfill these basic needs, some good for the planet and some bad. But what I learned is, we are not harming earth, rather she is going through a shift herself as we are all upgrading spiritually and physically, which can be reflected through the volatile weather & climate, and within us, our emotions & thoughts.

Two days ago, we pulled out the invasives in the mind forest. Yesterday, we planted something new. Now it is time to be the Caretaker.

There is nothing we need to do for earth other than showing up and taking care of the little spaces we inhibit. This is a simple yet effective way to "be the change," as we can nourish the forest with our loving intentions. With that in mind, there is nothing you need to *do* for your mind-forest other than to take care of it. To show up. To be there for yourself.

Let us now be caretakers of our minds. In order for lasting change to occur, we can shift our thoughts from being invasive to nourishing by shifting our perspective alone. For being the caretaker or the neutral observer, in our own lives, is a role worth embodying.

Tell me in the comments, how are you caretaking your thoughts in your mind forest? How do you caretake yourself, how do you engage in self love and joy? Despite what anyone or anything tells you, joy & bliss are your natural states, and can be lived out as often as you allow them to.

Photo by @kelsie_herzogg

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