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Mesa Verde || Dances with dragons Series

Hello and WELCOME to the multidimensional trip recap from our visit to the Southwest in Fall 2021. For those of you who are new here, hello... I'm Ashley. I'm an Earth Mysteries explorer and a conduit of multidimensional adventures in nature. Though I didn't know it right away, my partner Austin and I have been traveling all over the place doing grid work, aka clearing energies in nature. This usually happens on subtle levels, though the experiences we have in mystical places definitely lets us know that we are recognized and appreciated!

This series is called Dances With Dragons and is a recollection of our trip to Sedona in fall 2021. We lived in Sedona from fall 2018 until March 2020, learning about the area and having, well, interesting experiences with the spirits in the desert. You can read some of those in my past blog posts if you're interested :)

Dances With Dragons is a 14 day trip from Wisconsin to Sedona and back, visiting enchanted places along the way in Colorado and New Mexico. This post and the following will share our multidimensional adventures with fairies, ETs, ethereal beings, and you guessed it, DRAGONS!

To follow along, you can visit my YouTube channel for vlogs, subscribe to the blog reminders, or follow me on IG to hear about updates. I have a full page of photographs from the sacred sites we visited that also include lots of light beings (some that may appear to be lens flares, to the skepticist's eyes...). My intention here is to open you up to new perspectives & worlds out there, and though it may seem fantasy at times, my intention is to be open and honest with my experiences and to share what I truly believe in my heart. Okay, let's get to it!

Day 3 Pagosa Springs & Mesa Verde (Day 1 & 2 were all driving!)

We woke up early in the morning on a forest road next to the highway on the way to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We parked here late at night after driving through the snowy mountains at dusk, eager to get to Pagosa Springs for an energy cleansing. It was the perfect place right off the highway, quiet, stars ablazing in the indigo sky, air crisp like peppermint bark. We arrived at dark, backing into the space and scrounging to get our sleeping bags out for a night sleeping in the truck. Of course, camping in a tent is fun... but when you're on a fast time schedule, setting up and taking down is a hassle. The reason we brought the truck (aka, the Blue Dragon) was so sleeping was more comfortable (on previous trips, we'd sleep upright in Austin's sedan...). Austin laid on the front bench while I cocooned on the back seat; thankfully we're both short enough where we can extend all the way.

Right away in the morning we got up to have a little hike with Sparky so he could go to the bathroom before we headed off to the springs. Waking up on public land always involves rising with the sun, many times for me before the sun. I relish in every moment I can see the sun rise and set, so I sort of "programmed" my body to do these things. Needless to say, we're never late. The sun barely rose over the mountain ridge as we walked Sparky, watching the steam rise off the San Juan River nearby the resort. Once we got to the springs right at 9 o’clock we spent the next three hours soaking in 13 different minerals all with healing energies and with dolphin vibes all around. I mean, the weather vein on the resort roof was a dolphin for goodness sake! Each pool had a different temperature, some had sandy bottoms, one even sat next to the river, the perfect opportunity to cold plunge into the running water and quickly scramble back in the warm pool! It surely was a fun time swimming in a hot pool in the middle of fall in the middle of Colorado, playing around like children just like the good ole days. We were reminded of all the times we’ve been to the Wisconsin Dells and how we would’ve just loved to swim as we did here without all the chlorination. It was a dream.

After the springs, we headed off to Mesa Verde. It was less than a 2 hour drive, but when driving through hued mountains that surely that passes the time. The fall season made everything every shade of yellow possible: school bus yellow, ochre yellow, lemon yellow, even golden yellow. The mountain peaks in the distance were covered in powdery snow, and as we approached Mesa Verde Park the excitement grew. All of the yellows seemed to be symbolic to me in a solar plexus way. Much of my energetic healing this year has been focused on personal power, self-worth, and confidence, all energies residing in the solar plexus. The colors were healing for me, watching the ash trees sway in the desert wind as we wizzed by, sharing that things were about to change in a blink of an eye. We approached the park entrance and began our ascent up the first mesa and down into the main hiking area.

Our main reason for going to Mesa Verde was to obviously see the cliff dwellings, but there was also a petroglyph panel that I was very curious about. We headed to the trailhead first and saw that it was a 2 1/2 mile hike and it really reminded us of Sedona. The sandstone rocks, all of the foliage was very similar with the tough shrub oak, spindly Utah serviceberry, scraggly juniper, towering Pinyon pine, and some very ancient spruce trees that tower to the sky. The hike was very much a scramble fashion, stones carved into stairs and many small boulders to climb upon. We walked between the gleaming gold oak tree leaves, little hands like a small child waving at us passing by. Pokey Morman tea trees brushed against our arms though they didn’t poke us like they did in Sedona.

We went down quite an elevation below cliff sides and noticed faces in the rocks across the canyon, very reminiscent of those statues from Easter Island. The spirits made me think about the Moai and the ancient people who may have been here at one time. I could see the spirits of the land, every single one of them smiling so happily that people are coming to visit and to spend time with them.

We played under the sandstone over cropping, intricate designs carved by the wind and the rain marking each surface of the walls. Eventually after about a mile and a half of up and down trekking we arrived at the small panel of petroglyphs on the cliff side. It was actually quite lovely looking at the giant spruce tree silhouette cast upon them, the base of the tree right at the base of the wall pictures, somehow revealing that it was a tree of life of towering times past. After looking at the petroglyphs for a while we decided that it must be a map. There was one line that went from the left all the way to the right, sharing that it was like a canyon, or perhaps a river. Then on the bottom of the panel of pictures was a mountain range and clearly in the distance perhaps 40 miles or so out you could see white capped mountains. In between all the land features were spirals in squiggles, perhaps sharing that those were where the dwellings were, or could it be that there was a portal? There were many animal beings too, a lion or maybe even a wolf on the left and then in between you could see people that looked a little bit like lizards, or monkeys in Austin‘s eyes. There is also a small picture of two birds kissing; I just couldn't get over how cute and happy they were.

We climbed back up on top of the cliff and kept on walking through the forest of pine and juniper. Out in the distance, once again, we could see Ship Rock in New Mexico, its grandeur awaiting us for tomorrow. What foreshadowing it was that we could see Ship Rock from here, revealing to me that perhaps these "ancient aliens" we were in search of took this very path that we were taking. As we continued on, two spots opened up where we could walk on the edge of the cliff in an open area of sandstone. Naturally I went out to observe the faces in the rocks. Immediately I noticed a smiling being, a bit reminiscent of a Buddha, on the corner looking out into the canyon towards where the petroglyphs were. Just by touching the trees and rocks and all the cute little plants along the way I could tell that this place really liked that we were there, aware, and I could see well the spirits who are protecting the land. They really love being recognized, and they love when people express joy there.

do you see the rock spirit looking towards the orb above my head?