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Mantis Being in May

Often times I'll be going about my daily life, and beings will show up for me! This mantis being being one of them :)

I've been using a plant medicine sustainably harvested from South America called Sananga for the past week, my intentions being to heal my eye sight, to strengthen my clairvoyance, and to gain more focus & clarity in my life. These are a powerful eye-drop that can help in many ways, and it isn't hallucinogenic, rather the plant is used for healing. I feel like since I've started, my clairvoyance has definitely improved! I am now starting to see different perspectives and perceptions around me, realizing how multidimensional this planet really is. I'm thinking about doing a video about Sananga after my 21 day practice, but for now I will leave it at that. I feel like seeing this mantis being is related to the Sananga ritual I've been doing.

While having a full moon bonfire ceremony on Wednesday, I looked up towards the house and noticed a clear and distinct being blended in with what was in my visual field. The lights in the kitchen were on, and they looked like almond shaped, yellow eyes, beaming love towards me from afar. Above the "eyes" were clearly the antenna coming out from the head, and the being towered about 12-15 feet. This mantis being wanted me to paint them, so I did so yesterday!

Mantis extraterrestrials are very intelligent and wise, but also content with just being. They usually live in higher dimensions and don't seem to venture into the lower, physical ones (though, upon meeting a praying mantis, one can't help but to believe that this is how they manifest to us in the physical).

After painting them, I channeled some information they wanted to share about their species:

  • This being's name was Crystal

  • 12-15 feet tall

  • benevolent, neutral, wise beings, masters of neutralizing polarity

  • emotionless, but in a way that is a perfect balance of all emotions

  • demeanor is content and very present in the moment

  • a balance of genders that just "is"

  • masters of quantum mechanics and quantum understanding

Crystal wanted to express that neutralizing polarities isn't about casting away the negative or the positive, rather, it is about balancing them in a way that makes energy neutral, a sort of "zero point" energy. We don't have to identify with things in the positive or negative realms, as identifying is becoming is polarizing is unbalancing. This is how to become nothing, no-thing, and everything at once, a form of multidimensionality.

They also wanted to express an easy way of manifesting. Around Crystal is a "field of possibilities," similar to the principles taught in quantum mechanics. They, as well as you, are the neutral center point, the embodiment of a concentrated amount of energy that makes up the entirety of YOU. Always around you at all times is this "field of possibilities" or "specific timelines & outcomes" that you can observe at any moment. You can choose what you want to embody in the center by focusing on the timeline/possibility you would like the most. By just observing that which you want and desire, you attract it to you and you can "quantum leap" into that timeline.

You can always call upon Crystal, or the mantis beings by centering yourself and providing the necessary psychic protection in meditation. They are always open to connecting with you, dear Starseed :)

How does this information pertain to your life? Do you connect with Crystal? Share in the comments below :)

PS if you would like to purchase prints of any of my art, comment or send me an email at and I'll be happy to make one up for you!

Much love,


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