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How to Plan Your Commitment Ceremony

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Hello good people! Here's the landing page where you can find that free PDF I was talking about from the video. If you missed the video, you can find it below!

Free PDF:

On August 18, 2018, Austin and I had a commitment ceremony. What is a commitment ceremony? It is just like a wedding, but without the government's involvement. You don't need a priest, an ordained minister, or a church to get involved. It's for folks who want to get married spiritually. Both of us saw what happens when our parents got divorced, how it wrecked their lives and created such stress on the family. We didn't want to do that!

I had a lot of people asking me questions on my first commitment ceremony video and felt it'd be helpful to them to have a guide to ease them along on their commitment ceremony journey. I talk a lot more in the document about all of this! I hope you find it helpful and please let me know how it helped you, and how your ceremony went!

Much love,



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