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How to Make a Flower Crown

a finished wildflower crown

Austin and I had a magical time last week in the aspen forest. It truly feels like summer to me when I see hundreds of wildflowers amongst the various blankets of green. Frolicking through the fern meadows and balancing on fallen logs has me feeling in balance with myself and nature all around. It's like home... We escape to the mountains often to forget about life for awhile, to ground and recenter. I'd love to live in a simple cabin in the woods and live this way all the time, but hey, we have to be patient for these things sometimes.

We climbed upon huge boulders covered in splotches of earthy toned lichens, fallen trees all around. It was like a treacherous jungle gym with sharpness all around. But we didn't care. We just continued on until we found a spot behind a ten foot tall rock and sat to have our picnic. A delicious quinoa salad with every color of the rainbow in the mix, like confetti almost. A shorter rock jutting out of the pine needle soil became our bench for lunch, where we munched for the next half hour or so. Sitting and observing comes with contemplating. Who are we? Where do we fit into this vast world of unknowns? Between bites these little ponderings come out of our mouths, most of them answering "I don't know," but also knowing that sometimes those questions don't matter. What matters is the present moment. The huge rocks sheltering us from sporadic rain drops, the aspens watching us in the distance, and the colorful quinoa salad, filling us up in that instance. This is what matters.

the fern meadow amongst the aspen trees

More moments pass and our feet took us to an open meadow full of ferns, lupines, and grasses. Austin started gathering stalks of indigo lupines, a bundle in his hands.

"What are you doing?" I asked giddily. Though he won't admit it to many, Austin has a sweet and feminine side that likes to handle flowers. Sometimes he just picks me a bouquet secretly, but this time he had something else in mind.

"Making you a flower crown," he replied with a mischievous look on his face. His way of being sweet but not wanting to admit it.

What inspiration this brought up! There were a plethora of flowers out in the meadow, lots of butterflies and bees too. I remembered seeing somewhere on the internet someone making a flower crown, so I sat down in the ferns and began crafting one up.

a handful of indigo lupines and scarlet indian paintbrush

It proved to be super easy as I began wrapping up grasses with the flowers. This crown could double as a wreath, though it is short lived. Below I've written some steps that will hopefully guide you to making your own wildflower crown the next time you find yourself in a summery forest!

How to make a wildflower crown:

🌸 Grab a stand of grass, about a pencil width thick

🌸 Find a tall piece of grass, with grain on the top end and curl the bottom like a ribbon

🌸 Tie the piece of grass to the bundle, the curled side first

🌸 Begin wrapping the bundle of grass with the piece of grass, and add more bundles as you begin to run out

🌸 Repeat the steps above until you have a grass wreath

🌸 Pick your favorite wildflowers around; we used lupines, Indian paintbrush, ground daisies, and wild Umbelliferae

🌸 Grab more strands of grain-end grass and wrap the flowers into the grass wreath

🌸 Push any loose ends into the wreath

🌸 Place on your head and enjoy the flower magic!

crafting a crown and adding in ground daisies

When we finished weaving and whispering to the flowers sweet thank you's, the crown was done and placed upon my head. The beginning of the trail was filled with orange daisies, so we headed that way and found a stick hut with two oranges inside, a nice snack to end the adventuring for the day. Once at the field of daisies, we observed the interesting blue bees (or are they flies?) buzzing all over the center plumes of the flowers. Some visited my crown and I giggled a bit. How silly right? People walked by on the trail and saw us sitting in the meadow taking photos, whispering, "How sweet...," before carrying on.

watching the blue bees flying all around me

All in all, it was a pretty memorable day, even though it was so simple. A day where we were like children without a care in the world. So often we get caught up in a busy world, a busy life, worries, all that junk, but when it comes down to it, it's moments like these, days like these that matter the most out of anything. When you can just drop all of the mind clutterings and be a kid again, make flower crowns in the woods, and just be there fully with each other. Maybe that's the answer to everything. Maybe it's not. But what I do know is it feels good and that's all that matters.

To see our little adventure in video form, click here and subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more adventures. The next time you go out into the woods and make a flower crown, tag me on Instagram @adventuresacross and I'll share your creation with everyone!

Until next time, much love,