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Honoring Your Cycles

Are you in touch with your inner cycles?

Just as the moon isn’t always full, or the seasons don’t always stay in summer, we too must balance out our natural cycles and learn how to flow to our own rhythms. It is unnatural to always be in *work, hustle* mode. We need time to rest and integrate. To feel all the cycles. Dream. Seed/nurture. Bloom/express. Harvest/return to earth.

Over the years I’ve been learning the importance of honoring my cycles. Everyone’s experience with this is unique to them, it is intuitive. When my *moon* comes, it’s time for me to turn work off, to rest and nurture, and to let go of anything not serving me anymore. A week of detox. During the month, I experience a theme of lessons that are meant to teach me something about myself and my path. *Moon* week is my integration, understanding, and releasing phase. And the more I allow this, the easier my life feels.

How can you learn more about your cycles and how can you honor them more? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below 🥰

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