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Home in the Mountains

The last several times I've traveled, I've been traveling to go on spiritual mystery adventures. This time, however, I just needed a vacation to a familiar place where I could just relaxxxxx...... There were spiritual and elemental friends hanging out with us, as usual, it just was more... normal than surprising like before. (Be sure to look closely at some of the photos below, you'll see the elementals watching in the rocks!)

It was Austin's idea to go to Colorado. After a weekend apart and off from the craziness of the two of us running businesses and working nonstop, he came home and looked me dead in the eyes, "Let's go somewhere." Finally, he was catching my drift! We decided on Colorado because it's close, it is much different than the Midwest, and we have a history there. The last time we traveled, we went to Sedona last fall and camped out in the truck, so it was fun but not exactly relaxing!

Colorado is one of our "homes" and has been over the last seven years. It started out with Austin's cousin living there along with his high school friends, so every time we'd visit the state we had someone familiar to stay with. It became quite homey high up in the mountains. Every time we visited though, it was spring or autumn, so... we never got the chance to see the Rocky Mountains without her veil of snow. This was the perfect chance to visit mountain lakes and alpine meadows. And, of course, we'd visit the skateparks to fulfill Austin's itch for skating.

The first part of our trip we visited Colorado Springs. I have a short blog post with our pictures here if you'd like to see that part of the state.

Per usual, I'm not going to disclose the location of our trip, but I'm so jazzed to share all the fun floral photos I have for you! It was whimsical as ever walking barefoot on hiking trails (sometimes all four miles on rocky slopes XD) and catching drift of the wide variety of wildflowers present. Going to mountain lakes and visiting the streams and rivers was so refreshing under the dry summer sun, and of course the butterflies and moths came out to have some fun. Since this trip was about relaxing, we only hiked 25 miles during the course of the week, though we were able to tread on all kinds of topography. Up on a mountain pass, overlooking the continental divide, seeing mountain meadows, aspen forests, hiking up and down mountains, old dredges from mining days. All this photography has me excited to start a new book soon, I can't wait to put it together!

You can view the photos larger by clicking on the one you'd like to see. You can even "heart" your favorite ones! I don't have time to label them all now, however I do hope you enjoy the photo-memoir of our journey in the mountains. It was equally adventurous, romantic, spiritually expanding, and fulfilling.

Much love,

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