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Epiphanies While Practicing Clarinet

Hey guys!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog post… I decided to take a break from most of my social media and business. Since I last wrote, Austin and I went to San Diego for a short trip to get away for a bit, and we had plenty of day trips around central Arizona. The last few days have been slower, and I finally felt good about going back to work.

I wanted to write this little post about how your thoughts literally create your reality.

Today, I decided to practice my clarinet for concert band *gasp* (for those of you who don’t know, I play in the community concert band and am the second youngest member aside from the high schooler who plays percussion. It’s quite the trip). I never practice, like ever. It is like rebelling to me, to show up to band rehearsal and to not have practiced. Usually I can get away with it because I can sight read music pretty well, but now I’m the leader of the 3rd chair clarinets and we have some pretty challenging music this go around. I caved to my rebellion and practiced for an hour.

Like most people, I have a racetrack of thoughts going in my head during the day. I realized that the race track is the road of reality, the literal layout of our lives. I started out my practice cussing and saying how hard the music was. And every time I said, “ughh why is this so hard?” I would mess up or it would actually feel hard. I noticed this right away and decided to switch it up a bit. I started saying, “This music is easy, I got this!” and after a few tries, I’d get it no problem. The finger fumbles turned into graceful licks.

It surprised me so much how well just saying and thinking different thoughts transformed my experience in practicing. So much so, that I might practice again this weekend. *GASP*

Our thoughts are literally our super powers. We have a choice at any time to change them, and they change our physical reality. Sometimes it can be a challenge to remember and implement this, but boy when I do remember my life is like rainbows and butterflies. We can apply this to our lives in many aspects, whether that’s with relationships, career, dreams, home, or just flat out our reality while driving.

I hope this little post reminds you of how powerful you are! Remember that, you are SO powerful and can make big changes baby!

Sending you love,


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