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Emerging from the Winter Den

Emerging from the winter den.


I’ve been verryyyy quiet here on social media lately. My heart was telling me to go within this winter, to discover what wants to come forth, and to nurture it into existence. I tried something new, the act of keeping it a secret 🤫 until it was fully ready to be birthed.


Sometimes on this path of spiritual entrepreneurship it’s important to do just that. To keep the hype and excitement to ourselves so it’s potency carries out into the world. My ego hurts because to the outer world, it appears I’ve been doing nothing, slacking, not giving enough for the offerings I have yet to reveal, despite all the beautiful work I’ve done in solitude. But my heart and spirit are still whispering, “Dear one, it’s not your time. Be patient and wait for it to fully actualize.”


All my Aries energy is saying to go, go, go! To take action if you want results. That urge...


But just as there’s the light before the sun actually rises, that doesn’t mean it’s risen. Just as the seed sprouts in the darkness of the soil, doesn’t mean it’s time to come up yet. For all you go-getters and action takers out there like me, know that your heart’s calling to patience doesn’t mean you’ve failed, no. It means you’re resting and preparing for amazing things to come into this world, created by you, and the divinity that shines through you.


Sending you love on this amazing day

~ Ashley

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