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"Do it while you're young..."

“Do it while you’re young… and you’ll never get old!”

I made that up. When I was younger, older people would tell me the first half, to go out and “do it while you’re young, because when you get older you won’t get to.” I always call bullshit… because I know better than that. We always have the power to create our own realities, including aging 🙊 which isn’t actually necessary if we don’t wish to age. And I don’t intend to! We don’t have to give up being adventurous and passionate about exploration just because we have more years around the sun under our belts - no - that’s a choice.

“Do it while you’re young and you’ll never get old” is a great way to live, it’s like always being in alignment with what brings the most pleasure and joy. Most people feel best in their bodies while younger, so.. why not keep that forever?

I thought about these things on our hike today. Lately, things will come up that are ultra triggering and there’s nothing I can do to change them. All I can do is live my best life and “be the change I wish to see.” Always have, always will. And I love sharing that. So, to let go of it all, I just threw it all to the universe, said fuck it and I’m going to enjoy my own life. I cannot change urban sprawl, if people desire to blaze down trees and raw land to put Levittowns then so be it. It’s not even up to me to go and push against it, knowing about the Law of Attraction and all. In the grand scheme of things, this is just a blip of time in eternity, so I’ll do my best for Earth while I’m here and if things go sour oh well. At least we all had fun here, we learned something, and our souls will live on somewhere else on the evolution of life back to Source.

Today, we’re in Colorado Springs and went hiking up in the mountains. It was surreal baking in the heat and running into familiar plant friends amongst Seven Bridges. Memories from Sedona came to the surface of my physicality and brought up my vitality for life. I felt so alive and dried off from the humidity in Wisconsin.

I wrote a poem about the day.

Being in the mountains feels so good.

My soul, my heart coming alive once more.

Weeks, months stuck in a cold ice storm

I’m melting, the creek sliding, down the mountain side like the morn

The smell of ponderosa needles

Fallen to the forest floor

Baking in the high altitude sun

Dry, crisp, pungent

Hummingbird moths,

peacock butterflies

Bumble bees snacking

On a floral bee balm treat

And I myself snacking on raspberries next to the creek

With a chipmunk fellow

Water of a mountain feeding the land below

Toppling over granite boulders & rocks

Too soaking in cosmic codes and radiating that out for all life on Earth

I relish in the greatness I am,

Nature reflecting back to me my purity


How can it get any better than this?

My dear, all this

Is for you

To experience pure bliss

Nature is truly for the pleasure of humanity to enjoy. She reflects to us the greatness we are inside, not the opposite that I often times hear. “This place makes me feel so small :3” I digress! Nature reminds us of our divinity, perfection in the uniqueness we are, and greatness. We are HUGE, infinite spirits embodying these little human avatars. It’s time we step into that.

I hope you enjoy the photos from the day. As always, they’re encoded with cosmic codes and divinity to activate that within you.

Love you all,