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Discovering your Galactic Lineage

This summer, I’ve been devoting myself to remembering who I am and anchoring into my mission. A part of that came from discovering my Starseed/galactic lineage, well, relevant to this lifetime. In this blog post (also in video form!), I take you guys for a walk with me to the river to share with you how you can discover your galactic lineage and a bit about why it is important for “the times.”

  • All about resonance - Before you begin this journey, check in with yourself and see if you connect with your heart & soul in a deep, profound way. Feelings could include awe, wonder, peculiarity (if something seems oddly synchronistic/relevant to you), tingling in your chest for resonance. See how your body feels when you experience things, physical or astral.

  • Remember that the universe is limitless, so anything could be true - Don’t let someone’s perception alter yours by saying you’re right or wrong. It’s your experience & soul to discover, ask your heart about your inner truths. Take your visions & quests seriously with a side of child play, as your imagination is more than just that, it is your truth.

  • Meditating/astral travel - there’s lots of guided meditations out there that can help with this (check out my resource sheet by signing up for my email list). You can get bits & pieces to this story by doing this. I receive profound information that usually doesn’t make sense in the beginning, but the more I practiced, the more I realized that woah, this shit is real.

  • Dive into ancient civilizations - It’s pretty clear to me that the “gods” of ancient times were actually ETs, the “original Starseeds” as I like to call them. Some of them took on-human form like we did, others came here as their galactic selves.

  • Keep in mind that polarity is a force in the universe - Some races of ETs are labeled as bad or malevolent, but just as there’s good and bad humans, there’s also this within a “race”. If you discover something about yourself that others label as bad, watch yourself and know that this doesn’t mean you are bad.

  • Reading into galactic history (keep in mind that a lot of the information is channeled, meaning your intuition & discernment is key here). Reading the history can give you clues about your astral experiences. There are shows, interviews, channelings, books, blogs all about this. Just type in your question and see what comes up for you.

  • Look over your personality traits This is a fun little exercise, and can be done simply by journaling and observing yourself. When looking through "starseed traits" on various websites you can find correlations between yourself or these other beings in the universe. If you're more-so into making your own observations, check into your personality traits and see if they resonate with a particular earth element. All beings in the universe are based upon the four elements: water, air, minerals, fire/spirit. See which elements match up best with your inner truth.

  • Watch what films/shows you resonate with in a deep heart way - They could be clues to where you came from, the feelings that provoke you. For example, watching a show about water people could resonate in your soul, and could perhaps mean you’re from a water planet.

  • What things do you naturally love in the earth plane? Certain animals, plants, foods, etc that you feel a deep connection to can give you clues to where you came from.

  • This is a journey with no destination. This is an unraveling, and the story never ends. Meaning, you could find something that resonates with a star system, but later you’ll have another awakening for another one. For me, the more I dove into this the more I find out about myself, and the deeper the feelings of resonance & home become. I went along my “galactic history” of my soul and where she’s been, and have been finding clues of confirmation in the physical world that create truth from my astral world.

  • Pay attention to new people who enter your life while exploring this. They could be a part of your Star family! The way to know is a deep, deep resonance and divine love in your heart for them, something that transcends human ideas of love and relationships.

That's all for today, I will most likely share my personal story with you later. Let me know in the comments if any of this resonates or helps you along your journey. It can be fun, enlightening, and sometimes really intense finding these things out about our souls! Be sure to give yourself lots of integration time and rest when astral traveling and accessing this information. It's like a broken record saying this sometimes, but it is so important to practice self care in this process as this information are the codes to your soul, the blueprint you came here with, and as we continue on this path on this planet, more of this will activate within you. It can feel like electricity and for me anyway, it felt intense and overwhelming at times. All is well, all is in divine order, and you my friend are a divine being :)

Thank you for being on this journey with me,


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