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Day 9 Tired Yet Satisfied

I'm gonna try to keep tonight's post short...

Finally, life is feeling normal again. (knock on wood...) I spent most of the day creating! Reflecting on the day, I can hardly remember where I started. Upon watching a ton of artists paint on YouTube, I decided to buy some gouache awhile back and have been able to practice painting with them. For anyone who doesn't know, gouache is a medium of paint that is watery like watercolors, yet thick and dries matte like acrylics. It's up to the artist as to how watery or how solid their paints look. I finished the hydrangea bookmark this morning and spent most of my evening painting a circle filled with prairie flowers. My plan is to turn this circle into organic t-shirts, tote bags, and possibly even journals. I'll show you once the painting is finished! I didn't realize how much mental power went into painting - I feel totally drained and tired, but in a good way! I'm excited to experience where gouache is taking me!

It was very much a working day - days like today I spend much time on social media interacting with people. I asked my followers on Instagram what kind of videos they want to see from me, and they wanted cooking videos and nature excursions. That's about as best as I can do for right now, because my living situation doesn't allow for gardening or traveling videos (plus, I don't want to travel for a long time...), and you know, social isolation. It seems like it'll be this way for awhile, especially here because Austin's brother is in the high risk category of people - he is disabled and doesn't have an immune system that is as strong as a healthy 20 some year old. I'm totally okay with isolating because, well, I'm an introvert anyways and it's not a big deal since I work from home (for those of you that read yesterday's post, the flower farm declined my inquiry for work, which is a sign to me to keep pursuing Adventures Across full on!).

My next video will either be a tutorial of BBQ cauliflower wings or a foraged food recipe. I haven't been hiking in awhile, and between the four seasons a day we're experiencing in Wisconsin, I'm not sure what is growing out there. We did walk along the river for two minutes today, trying to brave a snow storm, and I noticed a patch of nettles poking out of the grass. I got super excited and ran over to them, wondered if they were actually nettles because, well, they were young. They looked a bit round and variegated to be nettles. I'll just touch them to see if they actually are... I thought, and said aloud as Austin walked away. I touched my knuckle to them and I didn't feel anything at first. A blizzard came fast in the distance so we bolted back to the car and I noticed my knuckle was red and stinging. Of course. I should have known. But it was all laughter and giggles, no dread from the stinging nettles. It was actually kind of joyous to have this problem today! Spring is here baby! I can't wait to try them out in some food. Maybe I'll find some nettles on a hike tomorrow (weather permitting...) to make a foraging video.

Austin is starting his own power washing business, so he is so busy during the day researching and planning. Maybe that is why I feel so productive and independent, because we're not attached to the hip. It is said that an Aries/Taurus relationship works best if both partners can have their own independence. I definitely resonate with that. I love my independence, fiercely, and can't wait to go on nature excursions when the weather lightens up a bit.

Food today. Well, breakfast was a delight. We made a bunch of hash browns with a giant sweet potato, a white one that wasn't so sweet. Then, for dinner we made a homemade pizza with tofu pepperonis, recipe from Minimalist Baker. It was SO good, just thinking of it now makes me starved again. (Ha, not really.) Not sure what we'll have tomorrow, but I know we are trending on soups, so hopefully my brain can come up with something scrumptious.

Welp. My eyes are shutting. Which means a day well spent. I will be back tomorrow with something new I'm sure. Love ya'll, I'll talk to you tomorrow!

Much love,


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