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Day 4 TV and Uncertainty

Most of the day we just watched TV.

Which for me is unusual. I don't watch much TV in "normal life," hell, haven't even had a TV for the last 4 years. Austin's dad has a TV in his living room, and we've been staying here for the last three weeks. I'm so used to creating and working on things but right now things just feel so overwhelming for me - so... TV.

Yesterday we watched a series on Disney Plus called One Strange Rock where they interview astronauts who have lived in the international space station, and how they observed Earth and how connected and alive Earth is. It was so interesting and enlightening to watch this... I learned that the oxygen we breathe isn't necessarily from the Amazon, rather, these little creatures called diatoms in the ocean who exude oxygen. Apparently almost all of the oxygen that the rainforest produces gets consumed by the creatures who live there. The connections and relationships on Earth are incredible and often times hidden from our day to day life. We live on such an interesting rock eh?

Watching TV doesn't have to be a wasteful experience with all of the educational shows available now. I admit, TV is an escape for me as I'm sure it is for a lot of people; it is nice that we have a choice on what to indulge in!

After we watched TV all day, we went out into the world to visit Austin's grandma through her window at the assisted living home, and then to Austin's mom's house to visit with his parents for the evening. It felt great to visit with family again; we've been in quarantine for three weeks without seeing anybody, and even before that we haven't seen our families for an entire year. We shared stories and laughter around our asian takeout food while Sparky begged for leftovers at our feet. In a couple of days, we're transitioning our lives to my MIL's place until further notice. In a time of such uncertainty, it is a blessing to have somewhere to stay until we can buy our house.

I've been feeling stressed about everything lately, it is a challenge for me to do anything, even write a blog post every day. I just don't know what is going to happen - to us, to the world, to my little platform, to our working lives. All that is certain is today, and yet there's always some twist on what happens in a day's time. I just hope some answers start popping through. In my quest for stability, I feel like owning my own home will provide that to me, and I sure hope that is true!

Sending love,


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