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Day 3 A Whirlwind in the Kitchen

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t know how I was going to feel. Being a Cancer moon, my emotions flitter all over the place all day long, and with my Aries sun, well… it’s a challenge sometimes I’ll just say that. With the corona virus and such going on, I never know if that little tinge in my chest is from allergies, getting sick, anxiety, or just nothing at all. My mind has been floating around with the possibilities today. Upon returning to Wisconsin, my allergies exploded so I started taking some supplements to help with that… which I’m concerned are making me feel this way. I don’t know exactly what’s going on with me, just that I need to relax and get my mind off of all of this. Let’s cook some food, shall we?

When any sort of sickness scare comes upon me, the first thing I think of is anti-inflammatory foods! Ginger, garlic, turmeric are usually the first three that come to my mind. Mix the three together and you can get any asian dish, though I was craving soup. The first round of food for the day was a soothing acorn squash and sweet potato soup with ginger, turmeric, and garlic. I’ll run the recipe by ya so you can try it for yourself if you wish!

Anti-inflammatory Soup

1 sweet potato

1 squash

1/2 onion

2 inch piece of ginger

2 inch piece of turmeric

1 clove garlic

Handful of cashews

Veggie stock or water


Cut the veg into cubes, sauté in a stock pot. Grate the ginger and turmeric and add as well. Add in those cashews and stock and salt and pepper and let it simmer for awhile, I let mine simmer for like an hour. When everything is soft, let it cool and blend it up. Viola!

Very simple, and cottage-y recipe if you ask me.

While cooking, I wondered if anyone had converted traditional European food to vegan alternatives. I wanted to get an old cook book and learn as much as possible about Polish cooking… yet I’d have to wait a few days. So an article would suffice. Memories of my grandma making us pierogis whirled into my mind and had me craving them! For dinner, Austin and I made pierogis, a twist on this recipe from Hot for Food.

Step one was the dough. Right... all we had was gluten free flour and the gal in the video talked about kneading the dough until the gluten activated. So I made a gluten free dough and when it came time to roll it out and cut out circles, it crumbled to a deserty pulp. I was getting desperate; should we go to the store for some regular flour? It wasn't until "go time" that Austin informed me of the canister of flour sitting next to the stove... *hits forehead*

In the end, we made these amazing potato and sauerkraut pierogis, a food so different it awakened new senses within. Doughy like a dumpling, yet crisp on the outside, and filled with tangy goodness. Of course, I gave them a photo shoot, so I could share them with you guys!

Viola! Vegan pierogis ready to eat!
The finished pierogis with a simple salad

They look so tiny until you cook them

Caramelized onions to top them off...

I'm so pumped at how they turned out, vegan too! When I woke up this morning, did I think I'd be making these vegan potato pierogis? No, no I didn't. You don't need grandeur to experience spontaneity!

Sending love,


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