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Day 25 A Breath of Fresh Air

Hey guys,

The morning started out slow and grungy, but it ended up being a beautiful day outside. I spent the beginning part of the day updating my Etsy shop with all of the art I’ve been working on this month. It’s turning out to be pretty fulfilling, creating art and then seeing it on everyday items, like coffee mugs and journals. I’ll be sharing my store update tomorrow!

After noon, the sky cleared up and the breeze was filled with warmth. Unexpectedly, the temperature was around 65F, a drastic change from the last two days. When Austin got home from his job, we had leftover soup for lunch and traversed in the forest I visited a few days ago. The energy here was different today, filled with sunshine and dancing flowers popping out of the leaf litter. The wind blew incredibly fierce, filled with warm passion for a new season and new beginnings to manifest. Both of us were pretty tired, trudging along the trail and stopping at fallen trees to have a sit. Things just feel… refreshing lately, like there’s nothing to worry about. A new sort of presence where nothing matters but today. It’s a change of pace for us for sure to not constantly be worrying about how or what we’re going to be doing in the future when we have a goal to work on in the present. Our goals right now are to create a steady income so we can apply for a mortgage. Austin is doing that with his new business, and I am getting my Etsy shop and books going to where they can sustain us. We work everyday, and have been able more time together because things are flowing so easily.

We found a ledge around a bend that was covered in moss. “Do you want to take some pictures here?” Austin asked. I wrote the other day about taking photos together, and how special it is capturing memories that are so simple. He set my camera up clinging to a tree and we sat down on the moss. My camera has a cool feature where you can connect your smartphone and press the shutter from the phone screen. Sparky even got in the photos, a rare thing for the hunter in him.

On our way back to the car, I was looking in the leaf litter for mushrooms and noticed a huge garter snake! She just sat in the leaves and looked straight at me, allowing me to get close to her to take some photos. She raised her head up, attentive to her visitors and I snapped some close ups. I love snakes, they possess some amazing energy! The energy and message I sensed from her was that new beginnings are manifesting in our lives, and it is a good idea to act on inspiration and to stay grounded during this period. I felt so excited to see her today, an excitement I feel for this new chapter we are starting pretty soon here!

Thank you all for being here and for reading my blog posts. They may not be too exciting every day, but they definitely mean a lot to me, just as you do!

Much love,


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