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Day 23 Austin's Birthday!

What a delightful day it was despite the fog. I looked out the window and every single blade of grass had its own little dew drop hanging off the end, holding on for dear life but accepting of letting go. Today was Austin’s birthday, and we were sure to make it a great day. The first thing on the list was to do a few errands. So off to town we went.

After errands we went for a hike in the foggy woods. The chilled air rose the hairs on our arms as we sloshed through the forest. The moss glowed against the grey sky, moving in slow motion to where we couldn’t see. Sparky chased chipmunks in the distance while we pointed out the two white tailed deer prancing through the trees. So many types of mushrooms speckled the ground, little red elf cups, black cauldrons, and even white shelf mushrooms scurrying up the trees (I don’t know specific mushroom names... yet). It was delightful to walk through the woods, hand in hand, celebrating a special day on Earth.

Having Austin in my life is truly a blessing, and what a gift to be able to live with “the one” that people dream of. This is the 5th time I’ve celebrated Austin’s birthday with him. In just a few weeks - six years ago - we met on the infamous Tinder app unexpectedly and we’ve been inseparable since. Yes, we’ve definitely had our ups and downs, but it’s the hardships that make our relationship stronger. It’s during the hardships that we can stay or split; each time is a decision, a choice with no right or wrong answer. I’m so happy I choose to stay every time because after the hardship our relationship does indeed feel stronger. I see us in the future living our wildest dreams together and making a wonderful life together; growing old together and having that rich feeling of a life fulfilled. Even when I look back on the last 6 years together I get that feeling, we make the most of our time together.

It’s been awhile since we’ve taken photos, and after discovering a cool wireless remote controller for my camera, we set it up on a mossy rock and stood in front of some ancient vines hanging from a tree. I put my phone behind our backs and snapped some photos. Photos are so very special. They hold the memories of that day, that time, those feelings, and have the opportunity to live forever. It’s been so long since we took simple pictures. It brought joy to me, as I’m sure it did for him too.

I wanted to do something special for him today. He is always there for me, always treating me with kindness through my dark times, bringing humor into my life. It's been a rough go these last few months and having him in my life creates joy in my life. I asked Austin about a week ago what kind of cake he wanted and he said German Chocolate Cake. Alright, no problemo. My afternoon consisted of making the cake, mostly almond yoghurt with a bit of flour and sugar in it - then two frostings. The inner frosting was a coconut pecan glaze and the outer frosting was a chocolate “buttercream.” After eating it I’m surprised how good it turned out for being a vegan cake! It was so rich yet sweet, and the special touch was the strawberry slices on top. Everyone loves chocolate covered strawberries...

Today was a fulfilling day. I hope all of you are doing well and taking care of yourselves!

Much love,


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