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Day 22 A Walk Through the Rainy Woods

Hey guys!

A morning of painting left me craving some outdoor time. It was a race against the rain… So I grabbed my bright blue raincoat and my foraging stuff and drove a few miles out of town.

I found myself in a part of the Ice Age Trail once again, Blue Glacier Park. It amazes me how the trees tower high into the sky here, the leaves rest on the ground protecting it and it’s early season creatures. Hills rolled around as if they were a bit proud of themselves, high peaks and low valleys, a different sight to see around every bend. It was my mission here to find some cleavers today, a little plant that can get pretty stringy, its thin stem having sections of leaves that circle around it, seven leaves to be exact. I saw somewhere that you can make an infused water with cleavers and they help to cleanse the body and just fell in love with the bottle of fresh water with the little green plants inside infusing it. I’ve seen cleavers popping up elsewhere, though they weren’t quite big enough to pick. I was determined today, I was going to find some and make my infused water.

After walking for twenty minutes and feeling like I was lost among the little lavender anemones flitting around in the breeze, I came to the top of a hill and noticed patches of green everywhere below me. I began my descent as the rain started trickling down, so I put my hood up and hid my camera in my coat. I did get lost… I ended up on a tall outlook over a pond below, only to see a bustling highway not far in the distance. I had my bearings, though had no idea where I was. Eventually I found my way back to the parking lot. On the way, I did indeed pick enough cleavers to put into my glass bottle, along with some sprigs of yarrow to accompany them. Sparky got impatient with me. The funny thing about Sparky is he loves hiking and hates the rain… He’ll swim in the river if it is the last thing he has to do, and will carry on the trail dozens of yards ahead of me just to prove his point that he wants to get out of the rain. Now. I called him back to me when he got too far ahead of me while I picked cleavers, and yeah, he wined a little bit, like saying, “C’mon already!” He got his way eventually…

When Sparky and I got home, I went out into the garden where I saw some violets the other day. I picked a few to add into my water infusion and put a bowl outside to collect some rain water. I slipped the plants in a glass bottle, filled it with the rainwater I collected, and set it in the fridge to infuse. Here’s a photo of what it ended up looking like!

I hope you all had a marvelous day, I will talk to you tomorrow!

Much love,


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