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Day 2 | House Hunting and the Universal Mind

Oh boy, I think today's blog post is going to get pretty long.

Tonight is the pink full moon in Libra, let's start with that... I suppose it is a time to rest and to consider how we want to change things moving forward after the virus scare passes us. We clearly see that the systems are not working, because they cannot sustain us when a crisis hits... so how can we do better folks? That brings me to my next point.

We just watched the new documentary Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind with Dr. Steven Greer, and holy moly does this resonate so much with me and the world right now! It started out sharing how disclosure has already happened, yet things are still being hidden from us. What people don't know is that they already have their sovereignty and can begin using it whenever they choose. You can use this with ET's. The movie goes on to share that people can initiate contact with ET's using meditation and the power of the mind. I love this movie so much because without even knowing it, I had already been doing this. A lot of my experiences have come from meditation and intention, and what do you know? Some of my stories are on this blog if you care to seek them out. I highly recommend this movie as I feel it will be an aid in helping humanity move forward. They spend about an hour or so in the movie sharing how you can practice CE5 and make contact with ET's. It is SO exciting! To find the film, you can click on this link:

According to a study done and presented in the film, 1% of Earth's population would have to practice the CE5 protocol to naturally shift the rest of the population's consciousness in that direction, of peaceful contact and eventual integration with extraterrestrials. 1% is 75,000,000 people, which is roughly 25% of the population of the US.

Earlier today...

This morning, I wasn't certain what we were going to do. It started out with the plan to visit Austin's family and then we had to come up with plan B because they weren't available. No big deal, we would just make some blueberry pancakes and go on a little road trip.

We're house hunting, looking in different areas of Wisconsin we haven't explored much before for houses. Our budget for a house is around $150,000, though I'd be so happy for a home for less, because I don't particularly want to be taking out more debt right now... Austin goes through and finds the homes in the price range and then together we weed them out. If they stay on our list long enough, we go and find them and scope out the area. And that's what we did today! The area of choosing was about an hour west of Lake Winnebago. In the sticks, as some may call it. Neither of us have really been to this area, but there were some homes for sale here in our range.

Over the course of the afternoon, we took in a lot. We loved how woodsy it was, though noticed much of it was pine trees, and trees that weren't very old. I wondered what the history of this area was; were these trees planted in place of farming? It seemed to me like there could have been a timber industry here...

After perusing house after house, in tiny hunting town after tiny hunting town, it dawned upon us that this area doesn't completely vibe with us, and we will probably be looking elsewhere unless our absolute dream property comes up there. It wasn't a total waste of a day though. We saw so much wildlife, from the black squirrels to the ALBINO turkeys... Here's a snippet of the albino turkey we say today. (Is it albino, does anyone know?)

After we went house hunting, we went to our favorite local organic grocery store for a few items.

Our plan for the night was to watch Ratatouille and make spaghetti. Oh man, was it so good! I'll share a bit of what I made, though it was a bit more than just spaghetti.

Cook some green lentils with a bit of cumin, salt, paprika, and a touch of soy sauce until they are soft. Meanwhile, finely chop a bit of onion, zucchini, mushrooms, and garlic and sauté in a pan until translucent. Chop up some spinach or some other greens and add in a bit of black olives to the pan. When the lentils are cooked, put some in the vegetable mixture, but not too much, just so it is equivalent to the portion of vegetables. Boil some water and add in your pasta. Austin made a side of massaged kale, which is just pieces of kale that you literally massage with a bit of olive oil and lemon juice. We got a french bread loaf from the organic grocery to have with dinner. I kid you not, it was the best thing I've eaten in like a month. It was so satisfying eating this while watching that cute little rat make delicious food.

That's all for today. It turned out to be a pretty exciting day for not knowing what we were going to do. I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring.

Sending you lots of love,


Day 2

267 days to go

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