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Day 16 Meh.

Today was actually a pretty productive day! The cloudy weather in my mind subsided and I'm feeling much lighter. My spirit feels cleansed, somehow, though I didn't do much to aid it other than rest most of the day.

I have been shopping Depop for vintage clothing the past few days. I'm in need of some fresh looks. My current wardrobe consists of a few of my dad's sweaters (they are massive!), a few pairs of worn out pants, worn out t-shirts, and a few vintage classics. There are many things I love in my wardrobe, however, after only keeping a minimalist wardrobe for the last four years, I want to expand... I want to have more, instead of only having the quantity of clothes that fit inside a duffle bag.

The last few hours I have spent scrolling on Depop (oops...). If I could go thrift shopping, I wouldn't shop online, but the thrift stores probably won't open up for another month or two, so buying online from other people is okay for me right now. I just got a few things that I'm super excited to receive in the mail in a few days. I will show you when they get here! I'm stoked!

I have a new series of cooking videos on YouTube where I convert antique recipes to be vegan friendly. If you haven't already, check them out here:

I'm feeling pretty -meh- tonight. Not good or bad. Just... meh. It's a step up for me, I was feeling pretty low the last couple of days. I think what shifted for me was remembering gratitude and remembering to find joy in the present moment. I'll talk more about this tomorrow, I just want to get to sleep teehee!

Love you guys,


Day 16, 253 days to go

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